child process and parent process

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In need of some credit
In need of some credit
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child process and parent process

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Below is the code to send signals form parent process to child process. I want to send signals from child process to parent process in this code.
can someone help me for this.

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#include <stdio.h>
#include <signal.h>

 /* routines child will call upon sigtrap */
void sigint();
void sigquit();

{ int pid;

  /* get child process */
   if ((pid = fork()) < 0) {
   if (pid == 0)
     { /* child */
       signal(SIGQUIT, sigquit);
       for(;;); /* loop for ever */
  else /* parent */
     {  /* pid hold id of child */
       printf("\nPARENT: sending SIGINT\n\n");
       sleep(3); /* pause for 3 secs */
       printf("\nPARENT: sending SIGQUIT\n\n");

void sigint()

{  signal(SIGINT,sigint); /* reset signal */
   printf("CHILD: I have received a SIGINT\n");

void sigquit()

{ printf("My DADDY has Killed me!!!\n");
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Re: child process and parent process

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The key word that you need to Google for this is "inter process communication".

What i found: ... 05-ipc.pdf
Use the source, Luke!
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