ANN: Chinook Developer Studio 0.8.6 Linux

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ANN: Chinook Developer Studio 0.8.6 Linux

Post by cg » Fri Oct 15, 2004 12:01 am

Linux version now online!



Announcing a new multiplatform IDE: Chinook Developer Studio

Chinook Developer Studio is a multi-platform C/C++ integrated
development environment. Chinook provides a consistent environment
across all platforms which enables developers to quickly build, test and
deliver high performance applications. Chinook was built with and supports wxWidets.

- Integrated GNU GCC compiler
- Integrated GNU GDB debugger
- Custom build configurations
- Project / Class explorer
- Syntax highlighting

System Requirements:
- Linux : GTK+ 1.2 or higher
- BSD : GTK+ 1.2 or higher
- Windows : 2000, XP

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