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wxPdf not compile on MAC with the newest wx3.1.3

Posted: Sun Nov 24, 2019 7:38 am
by cutecode
after downloding the the newest versions of wx3.1.3 and wxPDF-master
wxPDF shows this compile error on MAC

Code: Select all

Mac-Admin-2:build-gtk admin$ make
  CXX      samples/minimal/attachment.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/barcodes.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/bookmark.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/charting.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/cjktest.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/clipping.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/drawing.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/glyphwriting.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/gradients.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/indicfonts.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/jsform.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/kerning.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/labels.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/layers.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/minimal.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/protection.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/rotation.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/templates.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/transformation.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/transparency.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/tutorial1.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/tutorial2.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/tutorial3.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/tutorial4.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/tutorial5.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/tutorial6.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/tutorial7.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/wmf.o
  CXX      samples/minimal/xmlwrite.o
  CXX      src/pdfannotation.lo
  CXX      src/pdfbarcode.lo
  CXX      src/pdfcffdecoder.lo
  CXX      src/pdfcffindex.lo
  CXX      src/pdfcolour.lo
  CXX      src/pdfdc.lo
  CXX      src/pdfdecode.lo
  CXX      src/pdfdocument.lo
  CXX      src/pdfencoding.lo
  CXX      src/pdfencrypt.lo
  CXX      src/pdffont.lo
  CXX      src/pdffontdata.lo
  CXX      src/pdffontdatacore.lo
  CXX      src/pdffontdataopentype.lo
In file included from ../src/pdffontdataopentype.cpp:30:
In file included from ../include/wx/pdffontparsertruetype.h:25:
In file included from ../include/wx/pdffontmacosx.h:22:
/usr/local/include/wx-3.1/wx/osx/private.h:5:10: fatal error: 
      'wx/osx/private/datatransfer.h' file not found
#include "wx/osx/private/datatransfer.h"
1 error generated.
make: *** [src/pdffontdataopentype.lo] Error 1
Mac-Admin-2:build-gtk admin$ 

Re: wxPdf not compile on MAC with the newest wx3.1.3

Posted: Sun Nov 24, 2019 10:19 am
by cutecode

I downloaded wx-3.1.4-master
recompiled, and now wxPDF compiles with no errors