Making wxPDFView library

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Making wxPDFView library

Post by dkaip » Sat Sep 29, 2018 7:06 pm

Hello. I am trying to making wxPDFView lib in Linux and Windows
So Pdfium lib instructions for Linux are exactly as bellow.
Linux Mint OS


download depot_tools
git clone ... _tools.git

export PATH=$PATH:/home/where dir depot_tools is ...

sudo apt-get install ninja
** if have problems later like " now monitoring process activity" and no build runs must install ninja like bellow.
apt-get install ninja-build

mkdir repo
cd repo
gclient config --unmanaged
gclient sync
cd pdfium

Make dir out/debug
mkdir out
mkdir out/debug

Making file
gn args out/debug

gedit out/debug/

Adding in
is_debug = false
pdf_is_standalone = true
pdf_use_skia = false
pdf_use_skia_paths = false
pdf_enable_xfa = false
pdf_enable_v8 = false
is_component_build = false
clang_use_chrome_plugins = false
is_clang = false (If one builds PDFium with 'is_clang = false' hence GCC is selected as
the compiler)

Making ninja files
gn gen out/debug

Making lib with ninja
sudo ./ninja -C out/debug pdfium_all

Test library
out/debug/pdfium_test --png /home/%my profile ...%/my dir .../a_pdf_file.pdf

Ok fine, pdfium_test app file extract all pages as png.

Now the instructions for Windows 10

To build Pdfium in windows 10 i have make all these steps.
1. Download vs_professional__532381385.1538640085
2. In cmd running vs_professional__532381385.1538640085 --add Microsoft.VisualStudio.Workload.NativeDesktop --add Microsoft.VisualStudio.Component.VC.ATLMFC --includeRecommended as the ... up-Windows page says download VisualStudio 17 profesional
3. Download and run vs_buildtools__532381385.1538640085.exe
4. Download depot_tools and extract at C:\depot_tools and ad in path environment variable
5. Set DEPOT_TOOLS_WIN_TOOLCHAIN to 0 in path environment variable
6. Download and install python-2.7.15.amd64.exe at c:\Python27 and add it in path environment variable
7. Download Git-2.19.0-64-bit.exe and install it and the settings ..
$ git config --global "My Name"
$ git config --global "[email protected]"
$ git config --global core.autocrlf false
$ git config --global core.filemode false
$ git config --global branch.autosetuprebase always
8. Download ninja-win and extract ninja.exe to C:\chromiun\src
9. In cmd with
$ mkdir chromium && cd chromium
$ fetch --no-history chromium

if for a reason stop process we must use the $ fetch sync to synchronize the folder

$ cd src
$ gn gen --ide=vs --filters=//pdfium --no-deps out\Default (for generation of build files with vs and ninja)
$ ninja -C out\Default pdfium_all

Running tests are ok.
$ out\Default pdfium_embeddertests
$ out\Default pdfium_unittests
Now lib Pdfium for Linux Mint and Windows 10 are ready.

Let's make pdfium_test.exe compiling 2353 files and after some hours...
C:\chromium\src>gn gen --ide=vs --filters=//pdfium --no-deps out\pdfiumtest
C:\chromium\src>ninja -C out/pdfiumtest pdfium_test
Let say 1.pdf is in C:\chromium\src> dir...
C:\chromium\src>out\pdfiumtest\pdfium_test --png 1.pdf
Rendering PDF file 1.pdf.
Rendered 1 pages.
out\Default\pdfium_test --png 1.pdf
Now we must build wxPdfView...
I will try later and upload intructions ... i follow exact instructions of Utelle at because other methods have errors...

Thank you

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