wxFreeChart - dynamic data and dateTime

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In need of some credit
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wxFreeChart - dynamic data and dateTime

Post by spacevoyager » Mon Feb 11, 2013 5:22 pm

Hello at all!

Im new in wxwidgets and wxFreeChart and trying to make a chart which displays me the voltage and current from a externel charge controller.

I have dynamic data so i was using XYDynamicDataset and XYDynamicSerie. Plots are working with XY Dataset :-) But now i want to change bottom scale to display date and time... but i don't know how :(.
In the sample dir, is an example with dateTime but not with dynamic data.... how can i combine this things ??

Any help would be very nice!


My current code:

In init function:

Code: Select all

// --- Plot Init ---
    // colors for first and second datasets
    wxColour color_current = wxColour(255, 0, 0);
    wxColour color_voltage = wxColour(0, 0, 255);

    // first step: create plot
    plot = new XYPlot();

    // create dynamic dataset
    voltage_battery_dataset = new XYDynamicDataset();
    voltage_battery_serie = new XYDynamicSerie();

    current_battery_dataset = new XYDynamicDataset();
    current_battery_serie = new XYDynamicSerie();

    // set line renderer to it
    XYLineRenderer *renderer_voltage = new XYLineRenderer();

    // cu
    XYLineRenderer *renderer_current = new XYLineRenderer();

    // create left and bottom number axes
    NumberAxis *leftAxisVoltage = new NumberAxis(AXIS_LEFT);
    leftAxisVoltage->SetLabelPen(*wxThePenList->FindOrCreatePen(color_voltage, 1, wxSOLID));

    NumberAxis *leftAxisCurrent = new NumberAxis(AXIS_LEFT);
    leftAxisCurrent->SetLabelPen(*wxThePenList->FindOrCreatePen(color_current, 1, wxSOLID));

    NumberAxis *bottomAxis = new NumberAxis(AXIS_BOTTOM);

    // link axes and dataset
    plot->LinkDataVerticalAxis(0, 0);
    plot->LinkDataVerticalAxis(1, 1);
	plot->LinkDataHorizontalAxis(0, 0);
    plot->LinkDataHorizontalAxis(1, 0);

    // and finally create chart
    Chart *chart = new Chart(plot, GetName());

    // set axis as scrolled, so chart panel can scroll its window.

    wxChartPanel * m_chartPanel = new wxChartPanel(Notebook1);
    m_chartPanel->SetChart(chart) ;

and the new data function:

Code: Select all

        GC_Device::lokal_time_t record_time;
        record_time  =  selected_gc->getDBValue(db_record).s.record_time;
        double plot_time;
        plot_time = record_time.hour + (record_time.minute*60.0 + record_time.second)/3600.0; // to display time in float format, not very nice:(
        double voltage_battery =     selected_gc->getDBValue(db_record).s.u_bat;
        double current_battery =     selected_gc->getDBValue(db_record).s.i_bat;
        voltage_battery_serie->AddXY(plot_time, voltage_battery);
        current_battery_serie->AddXY(plot_time, current_battery);

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Earned a small fee
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Re: wxFreeChart - dynamic data and dateTime

Post by MAB » Thu Mar 07, 2013 12:25 pm

Please, download wxFreeChart source from svn. Look at TimeSeries demo.

TimeSeriesDataset is XY dataset, where one axis contains data/time values. It's intended for static data.

You can use make your own dataset from TimeSeriesDataseet and XYDynamicDataset.

Best regards.

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