wxTreeListCtrl Sorting a column with integers

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wxTreeListCtrl Sorting a column with integers

Post by DavidKlecker » Sun Jan 29, 2012 8:28 pm

This is probably really easy but I'm not just not able to figure it out myself. I have a wxTreeListCtrl and one of the columns contains numbers. When I sort, I get back a sort result based on integers as a string, not as integers. Anyway to get SortChildren to sort on integers and not strings?

The code for it now is
void wxTreeListMainWindow::SortChildren (const wxTreeItemId& itemId, int column, bool reverseOrder) {
wxCHECK_RET (itemId.IsOk(), _T("invalid tree item"));

wxTreeListItem *item = (wxTreeListItem*) itemId.m_pItem;

wxCHECK_RET (!s_treeBeingSorted,
_T("wxTreeListMainWindow::SortChildren is not reentrant") );

wxArrayTreeListItems& children = item->GetChildren();
if ( children.Count() > 1 ) {
m_dirty = true;
s_treeBeingSorted = this;
m_sortColumn = column; // -1 indicates legacy mode
m_ReverseSortOrder = reverseOrder;
s_treeBeingSorted = NULL;
and wxArrayTreeListItems appears to be a WX_DEFINE_ARRAY_PTR


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