FirebirdDatabaseLayer 1.8 TranslateErrorCodeToString

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FirebirdDatabaseLayer 1.8 TranslateErrorCodeToString

Postby bone » Tue Aug 03, 2010 9:58 am

in wxString FirebirdDatabaseLayer::TranslateErrorCodeToString(...) there is a line

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if (nCode < -900) //Error codes less than -900 indicate that it wasn't a SQL error but an ibase system error

This is surely wrong as it doesn't work for many SQL messages. I did post about this previously for 1.7 but I think the code is around the wrong way and the wrong code block gets called.

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if (nCode > -901)

works perfectly so far.

I don't know where to post these bugs. Emailing the maintainer does not elicit a response.
Regards, John

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