Average coding speed?

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Post by metalogic » Thu Dec 01, 2005 5:27 pm

My last reply, I promise :)
priyank_bolia wrote:if you code 2 hrs a day, you can multiply it by 4, As I am assuming a work day of 8
I would argue that it doesn't work that way. At work I use C#. In my spare time I use C++. Aside from differences in the languages themselves, I woud say I am many times more productive in C# for the simple fact that I use it 8+ hours/day vs. C++ 4 hours/week. If it was backwards and I used C++ at work and C# at home, I would be more productive in C++. The more you use a language the more productive you become in it. So you can't just extrapolate 8hours/day from 4hours/week.

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