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Project - Wine and Spirits Data Categorization

Posted: Sat Aug 09, 2014 3:16 pm
by guzzi_jones
I have a project started to collect data from Wine and Spirits Distributors and then categorize it and send it back to Wine Suppliers.
I have attached a PDF explaining the project.
First stage involves wxwidgets and c++. The second stage will include Android app development.
I am looking for some programmers to help who would be interested in working on such a project.
I have started the project at You will need a username and password to download the code.
I also have redmine setup at to track progress, etc.
Any students interested or in need of a project for school, this would be a useful and interesting project.

Re: Project - Wine and Spirits Data Categorization

Posted: Sat Sep 20, 2014 5:48 pm
by guzzi_jones
I have all the binaries compiled for windows wixwidgets for windows 7 too. You won't need to spend time compiling libraries for windows.
I also have a site setup to track the work too.

Initially i just need help with the basic forms for entering some data.
Then there will be some socket work writing commands to a daemon running on a server.
I am pretty excited to start so let me know!