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WikiServer source code..

Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2013 2:35 pm
by bobjtowers
I have trying to contact ryan norton about the WxWikiServer project.
I tried this email address: [email protected] (as per the README.txt)
But that email is dead now.. ... update the README?

Here is my original email to Ryan Norton (as below).
I Just want someone to point me at the code.. so i can get started.
If you not Ryan Norton, and you know where the WxWikiServer code is kept.. please tell me :-)
I will be very grateful :-)


Bob :-)

Hello Ryan :-)

Could i have the source code for wikiServer please?
where do i need to go to get a copy of the source?

I would like to add functionality that would
prevent users other than specified users viewing pages.

I would like to add functionality to allow all
pages to require a valid login before a page can be changed.

I would like to add functionality to present 'private'
pages as encrypted text.. upon the appropriate password
then the decrypted text would appear. (symmetric encryption)

I will be happy to submit changes back to the main branch.
Or.. i can keep my changes in my local copy the choice is yours.

Have a nice day .. thanks for your help

Bob :-)