Happy Day! Today I built my app for wx2.9.5

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In need of some credit
In need of some credit
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Happy Day! Today I built my app for wx2.9.5

Post by michael_uman » Thu Aug 15, 2013 1:55 am


I have been using the wxWidgets library for many years now and support two applications which we run on both Windows and Linux platforms. My main application is the Embedded Debugger for the Sigma chipset. I have been building this application against the wx2_8 branch (2.8.12) until recently. For the longest time I have been concerned with the wx2_9 branch, specifically the removal of ANSI build from the options. I also have a special Scintilla Lexer which we use to syntax highlight the DSP assembly code which has required me applying a patch file to every new version which has come out.

Last week I embarked on getting my Debugger to build with the wx2.9.5 release build. My first challenge was to remove all non-wxWidget strings (I had mixed in use of STL's std::string in some of the reusable components) and build everything with wxString instead. This was not so hard considering I used a typedef 'string_t' in most places where strings were used (used regexxer to replace other occurrences). Once this was complete I found some other problems with the wxString class concerning what is returned from '.c_str()' which now requires a cast to (const char*).

One of the controls in my application is derived from a wxTreeControl which I found on wxCode a few years ago. This control is not compatible with wx2.9.5 and I still need to refactor my 'Symbol Browser' dialog to use the new wxTreeControl which is a part of wx2.9.5.

Getting the build working on Linux was a breeze. I built and installed the wxWidgets 2.9.5 library and added a target for wx2_9_5 to my codeblocks project and lo and behold my application was building in no time. Getting the Windows build (as always) was more of a hassle. I use Windows environment variables in order to make it easier to build on different machines (and I have a Windows 7 VM which I use from time to time to build). But the project configuration required some tweaks till I was able to complete the compilation and link for Visual studio.

But after 3 days of plugging away at this problem now I have my application building and running using wx2.9.5 on both windows and linux. There are a couple of minor things which I need to wrap up before making the installers for this project but all-in-all I think wx2.9.5 is now going to be the library used in the next release of my debugger (some new features and bug fixes).

Thank you to all the contributors to this project. Once, long ago, I did contribute a wxFAM project to the community but I am not sure what ever happened to it.


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Re: Happy Day! Today I built my app for wx2.9.5

Post by tierra » Sat Aug 24, 2013 4:18 am

This is nice to hear, thanks for the feedback Michael.

For future reference, and anyone else running across this with similar string issues, be sure to check out the changes since 2.8 documentation as well as specifically the unicode compilation errors notes.

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