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Need some help with wxDev-C++

Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2018 3:03 pm
by art-ganseforth
Hi there,

okay, this might be a littlebit strange, but i'm a hobby-programmer using C++, but i never lerned how to use a makefile. I alsways used tools or predefined installeble packages. This is also the reason, why i use the old devc-ide. Once i downloaded a package, where all librarys that i currently need were included. With this installation i worked for a log time now, without doing any changes. Once i tried to compile my project with CodeBlocks, but witout success.

Unfortunatly some days ago something with my OS went wrong temporarily, which caused me to try to reinstall the wxWidgets-DevPack. Now it doesn't work anymore.

It seems (after reading some forum-posts) that i somehow installed another version of wxWidgets, so that somehow the headers do not match the librarys but i'm not sure. Currently the compiler (MinGW) / linker reports some

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[Warning] duplicate section `.rdata$_ZTV20wxMDIParentFrameBase[vtable for wxMDIParentFrameBase]' has different size
and a lot of

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[Linker Error] undefined reference to `wxWindowBase::IsDescendant(wxWindowBase*) const'

I already tried to change some path-settings, but without success but i do not dare to change too much. So it would be good if someone coud help me.


Re: Need some help with wxDev-C++

Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2018 10:00 am
by art-ganseforth
Got it...