Color change wxNotebook.

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Color change wxNotebook.

Post by palikem » Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:41 pm

Hi everybody.

Does anyone know how to change the background color ?

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	WxNotebook1 = new wxNotebook(this, ID_WXNOTEBOOK1, wxPoint(0, 30), wxSize(795, 535), wxNB_DEFAULT | wxNB_MULTILINE);
	WxNotebook1->SetFont(wxFont(10, wxSWISS, wxNORMAL, wxNORMAL, false, _("MS Sans Serif")));

	Measurement = new wxPanel(WxNotebook1, ID_MEASUREMENT, wxPoint(4, 27), wxSize(787, 504));
	Measurement->SetFont(wxFont(15, wxSWISS, wxNORMAL, wxNORMAL, false, _("MS Sans Serif")));
	WxNotebook1->AddPage(Measurement, _("   Measurement   "));
	Calibration = new wxPanel(WxNotebook1, ID_CALIBRATION, wxPoint(4, 27), wxSize(787, 504));
	Calibration->SetFont(wxFont(10, wxSWISS, wxNORMAL, wxNORMAL, false, _("MS Sans Serif")));
	WxNotebook1->AddPage(Calibration, _("   Calibration   "));
Windows 8.1
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Earned some good credits
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Re: Color change wxNotebook.

Post by coderrc » Mon Nov 27, 2017 1:07 pm

under windows my gut tells me that you cant. It will default to the system's control color.

if it really bothers you to death, you might goof around with the solutions offered here. ... background

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