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Have questions on linking & IDE

Posted: Sun May 15, 2016 11:52 pm
by R_W_B
Hello, sorry but I'm a newb on wxDevC++ but I have used the DevC++ IDE some. I have a small Main.cpp app that does compile with no errors, but just need some confirmation on a few things. In some cases a simple yes or no will tell me all I need.

(1) From experimentation it appears you must first create a Project if you want to compile an Executable app.
I.e. you can't compile one simple main.cpp to an object and exe without a Project. It will compile but without a project if you look in the folder there is no Obj or Exe.

(2) Also apparently the compile output window is not accessible from the clip board. I.e. I can't copy and paste my output.

(3) Now please excuse if this sounds dumb, but on a simple console app how can I get it to pause at the end so I can see it ?
I.e. if I run it from within the IDE, it does run but it's just a flash. Same thing if I click on it with a win file manager.
I then opened a command window and tediously changed directories to the folder where my compiled exe file was and then typed in the exact name of the exe file but I get a msg that says no such command. I don't remember having this issue in the past.
Anyhow just wondering what you guys do on this. Thanks for any replies.

Re: Have questions on linking & IDE

Posted: Mon May 16, 2016 7:02 pm
1. Yes, unfortunately that is the current trend on the IDE - you have to have a solution/project/whatever in order to produce the executable binary. I believe MSVC 5 was working like that but not MSVC 6. It is unfortunate so, as sometimes you just want to throw in 1 file to test something, but you can't.

2. Don't know - don't use wxDev-C++. Someone else should chime in. If not try asking on the wxwidgets IRC.

3. If you open the Terminal, navigate to where the executable is and issue a command "dir" what will be the output? (I presume you are working on Windows here).
Also, are you able to run the debugger inside the IDE on you project?

Thank you.

Re: Have questions on linking & IDE

Posted: Tue May 17, 2016 1:23 am
by R_W_B
Thanks for the replies, no I haven't had time to try the debugger yet.

I wish you could copy and past from the output window for several reasons but it doesn't appear to have clipboard access.

Not sure why I couldn't start it from within the Cmd window, I had changed to the folder, but I must have typed the name wrong. But it didn't look like I did. I know when I run net user etc in a Cmd window it stays open till type exit.

Anyhow then I just threw a std::cin.get(); in at the end of main().

And if I need to redirect output I'll just open a file from within the app and write directly to file.

Thanks again.