2 Dialogs

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In need of some credit
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2 Dialogs

Postby donriff » Mon May 25, 2015 6:27 am


i am a kind of new to c++ and the widgets, started programming with php and vb.net, i hate vb.net because of the .net package, everyone needs it to run my programs and can decompile it!!!! Thats why i joined to c++.

i've created my program now, it works fine but i wanted to add a new wxdialog so that i have 2 dialogs for extended functions that i won't show in the starting dialog.

Now on a click event of an button (in the starting dialog) i want to show the new dialog and "freeze" the old one until the user clicks the "OK" button in the new dialog.

I would call it so (for example explain):

Dialog1 (main program with buttons and so on...) [BUTTON CLICK] --> Dialog1 "FREEZE" --> Dialog2 Show --> Dialog2 [BUTTON CLICK OK] --> Close Dialog2 --> Dialog1 "UNFREEZE".

The program can only exit in the dialog1, so all other dialogs must be closed before.

Any soloution for me?

Kind regards.

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wxWorld Domination!
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Re: 2 Dialogs

Postby PB » Mon May 25, 2015 8:25 am

Well, this looks like the basic default behaviour when calling Dialog2.ShowModal() from Dialog1 method. What exactly doesn't work as expected?

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Earned some good credits
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Re: 2 Dialogs

Postby jgrzybowski » Thu May 28, 2015 11:34 am


PB wants to write you, that you should use

and you should NOT use

Regards, Jarek

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