Please WebUpdate new DevPak Mirror!!!

If you are using wxDev-C++ for your wxWidgets design, please ask your questions here instead of in IDE Related.
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Please WebUpdate new DevPak Mirror!!!

Post by tbreina » Mon Oct 17, 2011 6:00 pm

All wxDev-C++ users:

I've moved the DevPaks to SourceForge's file release system. The system creates multiple mirrors of the devpaks and automatically chooses the closest one to you for download. You can see a directory of the devpaks at

After starting wxDev-C++, please go to Tools->Check for Updates/Packages. The first on the list should be the new Mirrors cfg file. Just install it and it will correctly point wxDev-C++ to the new devpak repository the next time you use the WebUpdater.

If you have problems, you can manually update the mirrors file by downloading it from ... g/download. Then, just save it to the same directory as your devcpp.ini (usually C:\Users\{USERNAME}\AppData\Roaming\Dev-Cpp where {USERNAME} is your Windows login name).

I'll keep the current devpak repository up for a few days, but it will eventually be dropped in favor of the new repository. So please update ASAP so that you can continue to use WebUpdate.

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