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Knows some wx things
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External editor

Post by webmasterpdx » Mon Oct 26, 2009 7:01 am

I like the package, but have had a lot of crashes where I lost my forms (RC5). I suspect these problems have been fixed and just need to get the latest version.

One feature I'd love to see (and maybe it already exists) is the ability to use my own editor (VIM) rather than the internal one.

The problems I have with the internal editor are:
1. Tabs should be 8 so that typing the file in a shell should be the same as editing the file and sending the raw file to a printer. Smart tabs take care of editing with 4 spaces as indents. e.g. VIM first tab is 4 spaces. Second changes it to a tab. Results in inconsistencies between my external editor and the internal editor.
2. Isnt' a very powerful editor like emacs or Vim. Is more like notebook with code completion. I can be about 10 times more productive with vim. I can also add code completion to it.

So, anyone know how to get the tool to use vim instead of the internal editor????


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Earned a small fee
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Post by Minexew » Sun Nov 01, 2009 8:41 pm

Go to Tools :arrow: Environment Options and find the tab called 'External programmes'
There just add an entry for each file type you use in your project. For example, if I wanted to open C++ sources with WordPad, the extension would be ".cpp" (doesn't work without the period!) and external program "write.exe"

By the way, your first problem can be solved in Editor options by checking the box titled 'Use Tab character' and setting Tab size (in bottom-right corner) to 8

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