wxGrid issue in Lua help requested

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In need of some credit
In need of some credit
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wxGrid issue in Lua help requested

Postby rmcdermith » Thu Jun 28, 2018 1:58 pm

I have been trying to use wxGrid to create an editor for CAN DBC messages. This has worked fine up to the point that I have two remaining problems that I hope someone can explain. First problem is cell editing, for some reason I just can't figure out, when editing a cell value or after inserting a new row, the editor will not accept the input of the lower case "x". Second issue is again after edit of a cell , the new value is displayed , but when I retrieve the cell values using GetCewllValue(self,row,col) , which should contain the edited values, I get back the original values not the edited "new" values. What am I missing? Help Please. attached is my grid code there is more code but it's just helper functions.

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local frame = wx.wxFrame(wx.NULL, wx.wxID_ANY, "HBM(HBK) Lua Based DBC Editor",
                         wx.wxPoint(25, 25), wx.wxSize(900, 700))

local fileMenu = wx.wxMenu("", wx.wxMENU_TEAROFF)
fileMenu:Append(wx.wxID_EXIT, "E&xit\tCtrl-X", "Quit the program")
fileMenu:Append(wx.wxID_OPEN, "O&pen\tCtrl-x", "Open New DBC File")
fileMenu:Append(wx.wxID_SAVEAS, "Save &as...\tAlt+S", "Save DBC File As")

local editMenu=wx.wxMenu("",wx.wxMENU_TEAROFF)
editMenu:Append(wx.wxID_ADD, "A&dd ROW\tCtrl-x", "Add New Row")
editMenu:Append(wx.wxID_DELETE, "D&elete Row\tCtr-l-x","Delete Selected Row")

local helpMenu = wx.wxMenu("", wx.wxMENU_TEAROFF)
helpMenu:Append(wx.wxID_ABOUT, "&About\tCtrl-A", "About the Application")

local menuBar = wx.wxMenuBar()
menuBar:Append(fileMenu, "&File")
menuBar:Append(editMenu, "&Edit")
menuBar:Append(helpMenu, "&Help")


frame:SetStatusText("Welcome to HBM(HBK) DBC Editor. This editor does not work for CCP/XCP or CAN FD!!!")

frame:Connect(wx.wxID_EXIT, wx.wxEVT_COMMAND_MENU_SELECTED,
    function (event)
    end )

frame:Connect(wx.wxID_OPEN, wx.wxEVT_COMMAND_MENU_SELECTED,

       fileDialog = wx.wxFileDialog(frame,"Open Vector DBC file","","","Vector files(*.dbc)|*.dbc|All files(*)|*",wx.wxFD_OPEN + wx.wxFD_FILE_MUST_EXIST)

    if fileDialog:ShowModal() == wx.wxID_OK then
        fileNameOpen = fileDialog:GetPath()
      rawdata=readdbc(fileNameOpen)  --todo get outp[ut from file dialog "C:\\Users\\McDermith\\Desktop\\Current\\AU_CAN\\old\\AU_CX23R_CAN.dbc"
      grid = wx.wxGrid(frame, wx.wxID_ANY)
      grid:CreateGrid(n, 11)
      grid:SetColLabelValue(1,"Signal Name")
      grid:SetColLabelValue(2,"Start Bit")
      grid:SetColLabelValue(3,"Bit Length")

      for k,v in pairs(messages) do
         for s,d in pairs(v) do

    return fileNameOpen

      local fileDialog = wx.wxFileDialog(frame,"Save Vector DBC file","","","Vector DBC files(*.dbc)|*.dbc|All files(*)|*",wx.wxFD_SAVE + wx.wxFD_OVERWRITE_PROMPT)
      local result = false
      if fileDialog:ShowModal() == wx.wxID_OK then
         fileNameSave = fileDialog:GetPath()
         result = savefileas()
         if result then
            frame:SetStatusText("Vector DBC - " .. fileName .. "Saved!")
      return fileNameSave


frame:Connect(wx.wxID_ADD, wx.wxEVT_COMMAND_MENU_SELECTED,

   --get selected row(s) number(s) remember zero based here in wxGrid

   if grid.IsSelection(grid)==true then
      for i=0,nmrs do
         if grid.IsInSelection(grid,i,1)==true then


frame:Connect(wx.wxID_ABOUT, wx.wxEVT_COMMAND_MENU_SELECTED,
    function (event)
        wx.wxMessageBox('This is the "About" dialog of the Application.\n'..
                        wxlua.wxLUA_VERSION_STRING.." built with "..wx.wxVERSION_STRING,
                        "About DBCEditor",
                        wx.wxOK + wx.wxICON_INFORMATION,
                        frame )
    end )


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