wxLua: problem with icon from ressource file

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In need of some credit
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wxLua: problem with icon from ressource file

Post by antiker » Mon Oct 26, 2015 4:03 pm

[email protected],

Environment: wxLua on Windows 7 x64 system

Description: I use a '.dll' resource file for my icons. The '.o' object file for this resource was created with windres with the following icons:

Code: Select all

1 ICON DISCARDABLE "icon_16x16.ico"
2 ICON DISCARDABLE "icon_32x32.ico"
3 ICON DISCARDABLE "icon_48x48.ico"
4 ICON DISCARDABLE "icon_64x64.ico"
5 ICON DISCARDABLE "icon_96x96.ico"
This object file was finally builded to a '.dll' with g++

And here is my problem:

Lua code:

Code: Select all

-- file path
file_icons = CLIB_PATH .. "icons.dll"

-- icons
ico_16 = wx.wxIcon( file_icons .. ";0", wx.wxBITMAP_TYPE_ICO, 16, 16 )
ico_32 = wx.wxIcon( file_icons .. ";1", wx.wxBITMAP_TYPE_ICO, 32, 32 )
ico_48 = wx.wxIcon( file_icons .. ";2", wx.wxBITMAP_TYPE_ICO, 48, 48 )
ico_64 = wx.wxIcon( file_icons .. ";3", wx.wxBITMAP_TYPE_ICO, 64, 64 )
ico_96 = wx.wxIcon( file_icons .. ";4", wx.wxBITMAP_TYPE_ICO, 96, 96 )

-- test 1: display icon with 32x32
bmp_32 = wx.wxBitmap()
bmp_32:CopyFromIcon( ico_32 )
X, Y = bmp_32:GetWidth(), bmp_32:GetHeight()
control = wx.wxStaticBitmap( panel, wx.wxID_ANY, wx.wxBitmap( bmp_32 ), wx.wxPoint( 20, 10 ), wx.wxSize( X, Y ) )

--> RESULT: the icon with 32x32 is displayed without problems

-- test 2: display icon with 64x64
bmp_64 = wx.wxBitmap()
bmp_64:CopyFromIcon( ico_64 )
X, Y = bmp_64:GetWidth(), bmp_64:GetHeight()
control = wx.wxStaticBitmap( panel, wx.wxID_ANY, wx.wxBitmap( bmp_64 ), wx.wxPoint( 20, 50 ), wx.wxSize( X, Y ) )

--> RESULT: no icon, the panel will remain empty, nothing to see but no interpreter errors so far
In the official specs for wxIcon i can't find anything about a 32x32 limitation. So why will the 64x64 icon not displayed? Is there an alternative method to display a larger icon with 64x64 from my ressource file on my wxPanel?

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Re: wxLua: problem with icon from ressource file

Post by PB » Mon Oct 26, 2015 4:46 pm

Disclaimer: I know nothing about Lua or wxLua.

I admit I also don't remember much about loading icons by index as I usually use wxICON() macro, but I guess that part (0 vs 1 based index in DLL vs code) is OK. I would still try using wxBITMAP_TYPE_ICO_RESOURCE if the source file is .DLL and not .ICO but it looks as it works for you.

Anyway, for starters, I recommend checking ico_64:IsOK() after loading the icon from the resource and bmp_64:IsOk() after bmp_64:CopyFromIcon() to see if the icon and bitmap are OK. If they are I would check if the sizes they return and you pass to wxStaticBitmap are what you expect.

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