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wxWidgets with xmlrpc [OT] ?

Posted: Tue May 17, 2005 2:04 pm
by slup
Well, in my little Project i'm working atm i have my clientside Programm which connects to a Database + PHP Frontend Hostet by a Friend, i decided to use xmlrpc for this, but i'm just slowly gettin into it, and i do not really know how to do it.

Anyone knows how to use xmlrpc, i've read several tutorials but i dont gettin the idea, for example, when i send a request from me (client) to the my friend (server), do i get the results of my request in the same way (client <- server) or do i have to make a server and my friend a client to send that
result to me?

And did i get it right, that with most xml-rpc librarys u generate a xml file that is then transfered to a remote address where it is parsed and executed?

I hope can help me!

Edit: And for sure i'm Talkin about C++ Programming here, including C++ xmlrpc Librarys, sorry for not beeing so clear