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wxWidgets and open inventor

Posted: Thu Apr 07, 2005 5:34 pm
by sarusama

I've searched the forum for "inventor", "open inventor" but couldn't find any topics on this.

I'm wondering if anyone has some (minimal) code that wraps an openInventor So(Win/Xt/Qt)Viewer into a wx widget correctly, that is to say that window events are properly forwarded to the SoXXViewer.

I found some code from Kai Benndorf (wxOIWrapper) that seems to do just that, but he's using a wxItem that doesn't seem to be found by the compiler (I'm using wxWidgets 2.5.5). I suppose he was using an old version of wxWidgets.

I'm not very good at wxWidgets (just started using it) and I couldn't figure out a workaround.

any help is appreciated.
Tony Bernardin