wxwidgets in a library

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wxwidgets in a library

Post by sukrit_ghorai »


I want to implement wxwidgets in my library but I'm not sure how do I approach the problem.

For example: I'm thinking of creating a library that would output a plot of some data. So, I would implement wxwidgets to do solve the problem.
However, when a user would implement my library in his program, he would have a main function defined in his program.
That would conflict with wxwidgets library implemented in my library. How to deal with these kinds of situations.


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Re: wxwidgets in a library

Post by PB »

I think using wxWidgets for a plotting library generally implies the application using the library will be using wxWidgets as well.

That is why there are plotting libraries specific for a GUI library (e.g., wxWidgets, MFC, or Qt) or GUI library neutral plotting libraries with adapters for those GUI libraries.

IMO, integrating a wxWidgets-based control in a non-wxWidgets UI would be non-trivial (but I have no experience with this).
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