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Knows some wx things
Knows some wx things
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Post by dwmcqueen » Fri Oct 29, 2004 12:10 am

I am getting the following error when using the CVS version of wxNet on OSX trying to run an application that has a TabControl:

Unhandled Exception: System.TypeInitializationException: An exception was thrown by the type initializer for wx.Event ---> System.EntryPointNotFoundException: wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TAB_SEL_CHANGED
in <0x000d4> (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TAB_SEL_CHANGED ()
in <0x0107c> wx.Event:.cctor ()
--- End of inner exception stack trace ---

Is this expected or something not quite right? I can get the same assembly to load with wxNet on Windows.

Knows some wx things
Knows some wx things
Posts: 26
Joined: Thu Oct 28, 2004 11:02 am

Post by dwmcqueen » Fri Oct 29, 2004 1:13 am

Here's the error with verbose level increased in Mono:

Method (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Object:__icall_wrapper_mono_thread_get
_pending_exception () emitted at 0x123030 to 0x123114 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Object:__icall_wrapper_mono_thread_int
erruption_checkpoint () emitted at 0x1231d0 to 0x1232a0 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper runtime-invoke) System.Object:runtime_invoke_void_string (object
,intptr,intptr,intptr) emitted at 0x1232a8 to 0x12338c [controls.exe]
Method System.OutOfMemoryException:.ctor (string) emitted at 0x123390 to 0x1233d
8 [controls.exe]
Method System.SystemException:.ctor (string) emitted at 0x123480 to 0x1234c8 [co
Method System.Exception:.ctor (string) emitted at 0x123548 to 0x1235e4 [controls
Method System.Object:.ctor () emitted at 0x123658 to 0x123678 [controls.exe]
Method System.MonoType:get_FullName () emitted at 0x123680 to 0x1236b8 [controls
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) System.MonoType:getFullName (bool) emitted at
0x123738 to 0x12382c [controls.exe]
Method System.Exception:set_HResult (int) emitted at 0x123830 to 0x123860 [contr
Method System.NullReferenceException:.ctor (string) emitted at 0x123868 to 0x123
8b0 [controls.exe]
Method System.StackOverflowException:.ctor (string) emitted at 0x1238b8 to 0x123
8e8 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper runtime-invoke) System.Object:runtime_invoke_void_Assembly (obje
ct,intptr,intptr,intptr) emitted at 0x123d28 to 0x123e0c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Object:__icall_wrapper_mono_object_new
_fast (intptr) emitted at 0x123e10 to 0x123efc [controls.exe]
Method System.AppDomain:DoAssemblyLoad (System.Reflection.Assembly) emitted at 0
x123f00 to 0x123f9c [controls.exe]
Method System.MulticastDelegate:op_Equality (System.MulticastDelegate,System.Mul
ticastDelegate) emitted at 0x124040 to 0x1240b0 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper runtime-invoke) System.Object:runtime_invoke_void (object,intptr
,intptr,intptr) emitted at 0x124a18 to 0x124af0 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Object:__icall_wrapper_mono_object_new
_specific (intptr) emitted at 0x124c10 to 0x124cfc [controls.exe]
Method Samples.Controls:Main () emitted at 0x124d00 to 0x124d64 [controls.exe]
Method Samples.Controls:.ctor () emitted at 0x124e00 to 0x124e28 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Object:__icall_wrapper_mono_ldvirtfn (
object,intptr) emitted at 0x124ea8 to 0x124f9c [controls.exe]
Method wx.App:.ctor () emitted at 0x125090 to 0x1251b8 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.App:wxApp_ctor () emitted at 0x1252c0 to 0
x1253a4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Object:__icall_wrapper_mono_ldftn (int
ptr) emitted at 0x1253a8 to 0x125494 [controls.exe]
Method wx.EvtHandler:.ctor (intptr) emitted at 0x125cb0 to 0x125e5c [controls.ex
Method (wrapper runtime-invoke) System.Object:runtime_invoke_void (object,intptr
,intptr,intptr) emitted at 0x126010 to 0x1260e8 [controls.exe]
Method wx.EvtHandler:.cctor () emitted at 0x126488 to 0x1264e0 [controls.exe]
Method System.Collections.Hashtable:.ctor () emitted at 0x126558 to 0x126594 [co
Method (wrapper runtime-invoke) System.Object:runtime_invoke_void (object,intptr
,intptr,intptr) emitted at 0x126610 to 0x1266e8 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Object:__icall_wrapper_mono_array_new_
specific (intptr,int) emitted at 0x1266f0 to 0x1267e4 [controls.exe]
Method System.Collections.Hashtable:.cctor () emitted at 0x1267e8 to 0x126858 [c
Method System.Runtime.CompilerServices.RuntimeHelpers:InitializeArray (System.Ar
ray,System.RuntimeFieldHandle) emitted at 0x1268d0 to 0x12691c [controls.exe]
Method System.RuntimeFieldHandle:get_Value () emitted at 0x1269c0 to 0x1269e8 [c
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Runtime.CompilerServices.RuntimeHelper
s:InitializeArray (System.Array,intptr) emitted at 0x126a18 to 0x126af8 [control
Method System.Collections.Hashtable:.ctor (int,single) emitted at 0x126b00 to 0x
126b44 [controls.exe]
Method System.Collections.Hashtable:.ctor (int,single,System.Collections.IHashCo
deProvider,System.Collections.IComparer) emitted at 0x126cb0 to 0x126f20 [contro
Method System.Single:IsNaN (single) emitted at 0x3d2078 to 0x3d20c0 [controls.ex
Method System.Collections.Hashtable:ToPrime (int) emitted at 0x3d2438 to 0x3d252
c [controls.exe]
Method System.Collections.Hashtable:SetTable (System.Collections.Hashtable/Slot[
]) emitted at 0x3d25a0 to 0x3d2620 [controls.exe]
Method System.Collections.Hashtable:AdjustThreshold () emitted at 0x3d26c0 to 0x
3d2754 [controls.exe]
Method System.Collections.Hashtable:set_hcp (System.Collections.IHashCodeProvide
r) emitted at 0x3d2758 to 0x3d2788 [controls.exe]
Method System.Collections.Hashtable:set_comparer (System.Collections.IComparer)
emitted at 0x3d2790 to 0x3d27c0 [controls.exe]
Method wx.Object:.ctor (intptr) emitted at 0x3d2868 to 0x3d2994 [controls.exe]
Method wx.Object:.cctor () emitted at 0x3d2a80 to 0x3d2ad8 [controls.exe]
Method System.Threading.Monitor:Enter (object) emitted at 0x3d2ae0 to 0x3d2b50 [
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Threading.Monitor:Monitor_try_enter (o
bject,int) emitted at 0x3d2bc8 to 0x3d2cbc [controls.exe]
Method System.IntPtr:op_Equality (intptr,intptr) emitted at 0x3d2cc0 to 0x3d2cfc
Method wx.Object:AddObject (wx.Object) emitted at 0x3d2d00 to 0x3d2e14 [controls
Method System.IntPtr:op_Inequality (intptr,intptr) emitted at 0x3d2e88 to 0x3d2e
d4 [controls.exe]
Method System.Collections.Hashtable:ContainsKey (object) emitted at 0x3d2ed8 to
0x3d2f20 [controls.exe]
Method System.Collections.Hashtable:Contains (object) emitted at 0x3d2f28 to 0x3
d2f8c [controls.exe]
Method System.Collections.Hashtable:Find (object) emitted at 0x3d3008 to 0x3d330
4 [controls.exe]
Method System.Collections.Hashtable:GetHash (object) emitted at 0x3d3358 to 0x3d
3414 [controls.exe]
Method System.Collections.Hashtable:get_hcp () emitted at 0x3d3480 to 0x3d34a8 [
Method System.IntPtr:GetHashCode () emitted at 0x3d34b0 to 0x3d34d8 [controls.ex
Method System.Collections.Hashtable:Add (object,object) emitted at 0x3d34e0 to 0
x3d352c [controls.exe]
Method KeyMarker:.cctor () emitted at 0x3d35d0 to 0x3d3628 [controls.exe]
Method KeyMarker:.ctor () emitted at 0x3d36a0 to 0x3d36c8 [controls.exe]
Method System.Collections.Hashtable:PutImpl (object,object,bool) emitted at 0x3d
36d0 to 0x3d3c38 [controls.exe]
Method System.Threading.Monitor:Exit (object) emitted at 0x3d3ca8 to 0x3d3d10 [c
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Threading.Monitor:Monitor_exit (object
) emitted at 0x3d3d88 to 0x3d3e60 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Object:__icall_wrapper_mono_delegate_t
o_ftnptr (object) emitted at 0x3d41d8 to 0x3d42c4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.EvtHandler:wxEvtHandler_proxy (intptr,wx.E
vtHandler/EvtMarshalDelegate) emitted at 0x3d42c8 to 0x3d43c0 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper native-to-managed) wx.EvtHandler:MarshalEvent (intptr,int) emitt
ed at 0xd6f124 to 0xd6f1fc [controls.exe]
Method System.Collections.ArrayList:.ctor () emitted at 0x3d43c8 to 0x3d4414 [co
Method wx.Event:.cctor () emitted at 0x3d4418 to 0x3d6154 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_BUTTON_CLICKED (
) emitted at 0x3da078 to 0x3da15c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_CHECKBOX_CLICKED
() emitted at 0x3da160 to 0x3da244 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_CHOICE_SELECTED
() emitted at 0x3da248 to 0x3da32c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_LISTBOX_SELECTED
() emitted at 0x3da330 to 0x3da414 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_LISTBOX_DOUBLECL
ICKED () emitted at 0x3da418 to 0x3da4fc [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_CHECKLISTBOX_TOG
GLED () emitted at 0x3da500 to 0x3da5e4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TEXT_UPDATED ()
emitted at 0x3da5e8 to 0x3da6cc [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TEXT_ENTER () em
itted at 0x3da6d0 to 0x3da7b4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TEXT_URL () emit
ted at 0x3da7b8 to 0x3da89c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TEXT_MAXLEN () e
mitted at 0x3da8a0 to 0x3da984 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_MENU_SELECTED ()
emitted at 0x3da988 to 0x3daa6c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_SLIDER_UPDATED (
) emitted at 0x3daa70 to 0x3dab54 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_RADIOBOX_SELECTE
D () emitted at 0x3dab58 to 0x3dac3c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_RADIOBUTTON_SELE
CTED () emitted at 0x3dac40 to 0x3dad24 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_SCROLLBAR_UPDATE
D () emitted at 0x3dad28 to 0x3dae0c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_VLBOX_SELECTED (
) emitted at 0x3dae10 to 0x3daef4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_COMBOBOX_SELECTE
D () emitted at 0x3daef8 to 0x3dafdc [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TOOL_RCLICKED ()
emitted at 0x3dafe0 to 0x3db0c4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TOOL_ENTER () em
itted at 0x3db0c8 to 0x3db1ac [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_SPINCTRL_UPDATED
() emitted at 0x3db1b0 to 0x3db294 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_SOCKET () emitted at 0x3
db298 to 0x3db37c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_TIMER () emitted at 0x3d
b380 to 0x3db464 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_LEFT_DOWN () emitted at
0x3db468 to 0x3db54c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_LEFT_UP () emitted at 0x
3db550 to 0x3db634 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_MIDDLE_DOWN () emitted a
t 0x3db638 to 0x3db71c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_MIDDLE_UP () emitted at
0x3db720 to 0x3db804 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_RIGHT_DOWN () emitted at
0x3db808 to 0x3db8ec [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_RIGHT_UP () emitted at 0
x3db8f0 to 0x3db9d4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_MOTION () emitted at 0x3
db9d8 to 0x3dbabc [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_ENTER_WINDOW () emitted
at 0x3dbac0 to 0x3dbba4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_LEAVE_WINDOW () emitted
at 0x3dbba8 to 0x3dbc8c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_LEFT_DCLICK () emitted a
t 0x3dbc90 to 0x3dbd74 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_MIDDLE_DCLICK () emitted
at 0x3dbd78 to 0x3dbe5c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_RIGHT_DCLICK () emitted
at 0x3dbe60 to 0x3dbf44 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_SET_FOCUS () emitted at
0x3dbf48 to 0x3dc02c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_KILL_FOCUS () emitted at
0x3dc030 to 0x3dc114 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_CHILD_FOCUS () emitted a
t 0x3dc118 to 0x3dc1fc [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_MOUSEWHEEL () emitted at
0x3dc200 to 0x3dc2e4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_NC_LEFT_DOWN () emitted
at 0x3dc2e8 to 0x3dc3cc [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_NC_LEFT_UP () emitted at
0x3dc3d0 to 0x3dc4b4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_NC_MIDDLE_DOWN () emitte
d at 0x3dc4b8 to 0x3dc59c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_NC_MIDDLE_UP () emitted
at 0x3dc5a0 to 0x3dc684 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_NC_RIGHT_DOWN () emitted
at 0x3dc688 to 0x3dc76c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_NC_RIGHT_UP () emitted a
t 0x3dc770 to 0x3dc854 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_NC_MOTION () emitted at
0x3dc858 to 0x3dc93c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_NC_ENTER_WINDOW () emitt
ed at 0x3dc940 to 0x3dca24 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_NC_LEAVE_WINDOW () emitt
ed at 0x3dca28 to 0x3dcb0c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_NC_LEFT_DCLICK () emitte
d at 0x3dcb10 to 0x3dcbf4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_NC_MIDDLE_DCLICK () emit
ted at 0x3dcbf8 to 0x3dccdc [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_NC_RIGHT_DCLICK () emitt
ed at 0x3dcce0 to 0x3dcdc4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_CHAR () emitted at 0x3dc
dc8 to 0x3dceac [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_CHAR_HOOK () emitted at
0x3dceb0 to 0x3dcf94 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_NAVIGATION_KEY () emitte
d at 0x3dcf98 to 0x3dd07c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_KEY_DOWN () emitted at 0
x3dd080 to 0x3dd164 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_KEY_UP () emitted at 0x3
dd168 to 0x3dd24c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_SET_CURSOR () emitted at
0x3dd250 to 0x3dd334 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_SCROLL_TOP () emitted at
0x3dd338 to 0x3dd41c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_SCROLL_BOTTOM () emitted
at 0x3dd420 to 0x3dd504 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_SCROLL_LINEUP () emitted
at 0x3dd508 to 0x3dd5ec [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_SCROLL_LINEDOWN () emitt
ed at 0x3dd5f0 to 0x3dd6d4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_SCROLL_PAGEUP () emitted
at 0x3dd6d8 to 0x3dd7bc [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_SCROLL_PAGEDOWN () emitt
ed at 0x3dd7c0 to 0x3dd8a4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_SCROLL_THUMBTRACK () emi
tted at 0x3dd8a8 to 0x3dd98c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_SCROLL_THUMBRELEASE () e
mitted at 0x3dd990 to 0x3dda74 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_SCROLL_ENDSCROLL () emit
ted at 0x3dda78 to 0x3ddb5c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_SCROLLWIN_TOP () emitted
at 0x3ddb60 to 0x3ddc44 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_SCROLLWIN_BOTTOM () emit
ted at 0x3ddc48 to 0x3ddd2c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_SCROLLWIN_LINEUP () emit
ted at 0x3ddd30 to 0x3dde14 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_SCROLLWIN_LINEDOWN () em
itted at 0x3dde18 to 0x3ddefc [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_SCROLLWIN_PAGEUP () emit
ted at 0x3ddf00 to 0x3ddfe4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_SCROLLWIN_PAGEDOWN () em
itted at 0x3ddfe8 to 0x3de0cc [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_SCROLLWIN_THUMBTRACK ()
emitted at 0x3de0d0 to 0x3de1b4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_SCROLLWIN_THUMBRELEASE (
) emitted at 0x3de1b8 to 0x3de29c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_SIZE () emitted at 0x3de
2a0 to 0x3de384 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_MOVE () emitted at 0x3de
388 to 0x3de46c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_CLOSE_WINDOW () emitted
at 0x3de470 to 0x3de554 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_END_SESSION () emitted a
t 0x3de558 to 0x3de63c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_QUERY_END_SESSION () emi
tted at 0x3de640 to 0x3de724 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_ACTIVATE_APP () emitted
at 0x3de728 to 0x3de80c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_POWER () emitted at 0x3d
e810 to 0x3de8f4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_ACTIVATE () emitted at 0
x3de8f8 to 0x3de9dc [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_CREATE () emitted at 0x3
de9e0 to 0x3deac4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_DESTROY () emitted at 0x
3deac8 to 0x3debac [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_SHOW () emitted at 0x3de
bb0 to 0x3dec94 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_ICONIZE () emitted at 0x
3dec98 to 0x3ded7c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_MAXIMIZE () emitted at 0
x3ded80 to 0x3dee64 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_MOUSE_CAPTURE_CHANGED ()
emitted at 0x3dee68 to 0x3def4c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_PAINT () emitted at 0x3d
ef50 to 0x3df034 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_ERASE_BACKGROUND () emit
ted at 0x3df038 to 0x3df11c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_NC_PAINT () emitted at 0
x3df120 to 0x3df204 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_PAINT_ICON () emitted at
0x3df208 to 0x3df2ec [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_MENU_OPEN () emitted at
0x3df2f0 to 0x3df3d4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_MENU_CLOSE () emitted at
0x3df3d8 to 0x3df4bc [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_MENU_HIGHLIGHT () emitte
d at 0x3df4c0 to 0x3df5a4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_CONTEXT_MENU () emitted
at 0x3df5a8 to 0x3df68c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_SYS_COLOUR_CHANGED () em
itted at 0x3df690 to 0x3df774 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_DISPLAY_CHANGED () emitt
ed at 0x3df778 to 0x3df85c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_SETTING_CHANGED () emitt
ed at 0x3df860 to 0x3df944 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_QUERY_NEW_PALETTE () emi
tted at 0x3df948 to 0x3dfa2c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_PALETTE_CHANGED () emitt
ed at 0x3dfa30 to 0x3dfb14 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_JOY_BUTTON_DOWN () emitt
ed at 0x3dfb18 to 0x3dfbfc [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_JOY_BUTTON_UP () emitted
at 0x3dfc00 to 0x3dfce4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_JOY_MOVE () emitted at 0
x3dfce8 to 0x3dfdcc [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_JOY_ZMOVE () emitted at
0x3dfdd0 to 0x3dfeb4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_DROP_FILES () emitted at
0x3e0000 to 0x3e00e4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_DRAW_ITEM () emitted at
0x3e21a0 to 0x3e2284 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_MEASURE_ITEM () emitted
at 0x3e2288 to 0x3e236c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMPARE_ITEM () emitted
at 0x3e2370 to 0x3e2454 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_INIT_DIALOG () emitted a
t 0x3e2458 to 0x3e253c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_IDLE () emitted at 0x3e2
540 to 0x3e2624 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_UPDATE_UI () emitted at
0x3e2628 to 0x3e270c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_LEFT_CLICK () em
itted at 0x3e2710 to 0x3e27f4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_LEFT_DCLICK () e
mitted at 0x3e27f8 to 0x3e28dc [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_RIGHT_CLICK () e
mitted at 0x3e28e0 to 0x3e29c4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_RIGHT_DCLICK ()
emitted at 0x3e29c8 to 0x3e2aac [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_SET_FOCUS () emi
tted at 0x3e2ab0 to 0x3e2b94 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_KILL_FOCUS () em
itted at 0x3e2b98 to 0x3e2c7c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_ENTER () emitted
at 0x3e2c80 to 0x3e2d64 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_HELP () emitted at 0x3e2
d68 to 0x3e2e4c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_DETAILED_HELP () emitted
at 0x3e2e50 to 0x3e2f34 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TOGGLEBUTTON_CLI
CKED () emitted at 0x3e2f38 to 0x3e301c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_OBJECTDELETED () emitted
at 0x3e3020 to 0x3e3104 [controls.exe]

Knows some wx things
Knows some wx things
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Post by dwmcqueen » Fri Oct 29, 2004 1:14 am

Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_CALENDAR_SEL_CHANGED ()
emitted at 0x3e3108 to 0x3e31ec [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_CALENDAR_DAY_CHANGED ()
emitted at 0x3e31f0 to 0x3e32d4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_CALENDAR_MONTH_CHANGED (
) emitted at 0x3e32d8 to 0x3e33bc [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_CALENDAR_YEAR_CHANGED ()
emitted at 0x3e33c0 to 0x3e34a4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_CALENDAR_DOUBLECLICKED (
) emitted at 0x3e34a8 to 0x3e358c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_CALENDAR_WEEKDAY_CLICKED
() emitted at 0x3e3590 to 0x3e3674 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_FIND () emitted
at 0x3e3678 to 0x3e375c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_FIND_NEXT () emi
tted at 0x3e3760 to 0x3e3844 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_FIND_REPLACE ()
emitted at 0x3e3848 to 0x3e392c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_FIND_REPLACE_ALL
() emitted at 0x3e3930 to 0x3e3a14 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_FIND_CLOSE () em
itted at 0x3e3a18 to 0x3e3afc [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TREE_BEGIN_DRAG
() emitted at 0x3e3b00 to 0x3e3be4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TREE_BEGIN_RDRAG
() emitted at 0x3e3be8 to 0x3e3ccc [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TREE_BEGIN_LABEL
_EDIT () emitted at 0x3e3cd0 to 0x3e3db4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TREE_END_LABEL_E
DIT () emitted at 0x3e3db8 to 0x3e3e9c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TREE_DELETE_ITEM
() emitted at 0x3e3ea0 to 0x3e3f84 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TREE_GET_INFO ()
emitted at 0x3e3f88 to 0x3e406c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TREE_SET_INFO ()
emitted at 0x3e4070 to 0x3e4154 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TREE_ITEM_EXPAND
ED () emitted at 0x3e4158 to 0x3e423c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TREE_ITEM_EXPAND
ING () emitted at 0x3e4240 to 0x3e4324 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TREE_ITEM_COLLAP
SED () emitted at 0x3e4328 to 0x3e440c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TREE_ITEM_COLLAP
SING () emitted at 0x3e4410 to 0x3e44f4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TREE_SEL_CHANGED
() emitted at 0x3e44f8 to 0x3e45dc [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TREE_SEL_CHANGIN
G () emitted at 0x3e45e0 to 0x3e46c4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TREE_KEY_DOWN ()
emitted at 0x3e46c8 to 0x3e47ac [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TREE_ITEM_ACTIVA
TED () emitted at 0x3e47b0 to 0x3e4894 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TREE_ITEM_RIGHT_
CLICK () emitted at 0x3e4898 to 0x3e497c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TREE_ITEM_MIDDLE
_CLICK () emitted at 0x3e4980 to 0x3e4a64 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TREE_END_DRAG ()
emitted at 0x3e4a68 to 0x3e4b4c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_LIST_BEGIN_DRAG
() emitted at 0x3e4b50 to 0x3e4c34 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_LIST_BEGIN_RDRAG
() emitted at 0x3e4c38 to 0x3e4d1c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_LIST_BEGIN_LABEL
_EDIT () emitted at 0x3e4d20 to 0x3e4e04 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_LIST_END_LABEL_E
DIT () emitted at 0x3e4e08 to 0x3e4eec [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_LIST_DELETE_ITEM
() emitted at 0x3e4ef0 to 0x3e4fd4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_LIST_DELETE_ALL_
ITEMS () emitted at 0x3e4fd8 to 0x3e50bc [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_LIST_ITEM_SELECT
ED () emitted at 0x3e50c0 to 0x3e51a4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_LIST_ITEM_DESELE
CTED () emitted at 0x3e51a8 to 0x3e528c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_LIST_ITEM_ACTIVA
TED () emitted at 0x3e5290 to 0x3e5374 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_LIST_ITEM_FOCUSE
D () emitted at 0x3e5378 to 0x3e545c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_LIST_ITEM_MIDDLE
_CLICK () emitted at 0x3e5460 to 0x3e5544 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_LIST_ITEM_RIGHT_
CLICK () emitted at 0x3e5548 to 0x3e562c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_LIST_KEY_DOWN ()
emitted at 0x3e5630 to 0x3e5714 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_LIST_INSERT_ITEM
() emitted at 0x3e5718 to 0x3e57fc [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_LIST_COL_CLICK (
) emitted at 0x3e5800 to 0x3e58e4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_LIST_COL_RIGHT_C
LICK () emitted at 0x3e58e8 to 0x3e59cc [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_LIST_COL_BEGIN_D
RAG () emitted at 0x3e59d0 to 0x3e5ab4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_LIST_COL_DRAGGIN
G () emitted at 0x3e5ab8 to 0x3e5b9c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_LIST_COL_END_DRA
G () emitted at 0x3e5ba0 to 0x3e5c84 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_LIST_CACHE_HINT
() emitted at 0x3e5c88 to 0x3e5d6c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_NOTEBOOK_PAGE_CH
ANGED () emitted at 0x3e5d70 to 0x3e5e54 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_NOTEBOOK_PAGE_CH
ANGING () emitted at 0x3e5e58 to 0x3e5f3c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_LISTBOOK_PAGE_CH
ANGED () emitted at 0x3e5f40 to 0x3e6024 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_LISTBOOK_PAGE_CH
ANGING () emitted at 0x3e6028 to 0x3e610c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Object:__icall_wrapper_mono_string_new
_wrapper (intptr) emitted at 0x3e6160 to 0x3e624c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TAB_SEL_CHANGED
() emitted at 0x3e6250 to 0x3e6350 [controls.exe]
Method System.EntryPointNotFoundException:.ctor () emitted at 0x3e6438 to 0x3e64
94 [controls.exe]
Method Locale:GetText (string) emitted at 0x3e6538 to 0x3e655c [controls.exe]
Method System.TypeLoadException:.ctor (string) emitted at 0x3e6560 to 0x3e65a8 [
Method (wrapper runtime-invoke) System.Object:runtime_invoke_void_string_Excepti
on (object,intptr,intptr,intptr) emitted at 0x3e65d8 to 0x3e66c4 [controls.exe]
Method System.TypeInitializationException:.ctor (string,System.Exception) emitte
d at 0x3e66c8 to 0x3e6744 [controls.exe]
Method System.String:.cctor () emitted at 0x3e67c0 to 0x3e6844 [controls.exe]
Method System.String:Concat (string,string) emitted at 0x3e6848 to 0x3e68f4 [con
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) System.String:InternalAllocateStr (int) emitt
ed at 0x3e6990 to 0x3e6a7c [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) System.String:InternalStrcpy (string,int,stri
ng) emitted at 0x3e6a80 to 0x3e6b68 [controls.exe]
Method System.SystemException:.ctor (string,System.Exception) emitted at 0x3e6b7
0 to 0x3e6bc0 [controls.exe]
Method System.Exception:.ctor (string,System.Exception) emitted at 0x3e6c40 to 0
x3e6ce4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper runtime-invoke) System.Object:runtime_invoke_string (object,intp
tr,intptr,intptr) emitted at 0x3e6ce8 to 0x3e6dc4 [controls.exe]
Method System.Exception:ToString () emitted at 0x3e6df0 to 0x3e7014 [controls.ex
Method System.Text.StringBuilder:.ctor (string) emitted at 0x3e70d0 to 0x3e71c8
Method System.Text.StringBuilder:.ctor (string,int,int,int) emitted at 0x3e7230
to 0x3e74a4 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) System.String:InternalStrcpy (string,int,stri
ng,int,int) emitted at 0x3e7530 to 0x3e7628 [controls.exe]
Method System.Text.StringBuilder:Append (string) emitted at 0x3e7630 to 0x3e76f4
Method System.Text.StringBuilder:InternalEnsureCapacity (int) emitted at 0x3e776
8 to 0x3e7868 [controls.exe]
Method System.Exception:get_Message () emitted at 0x3e78d8 to 0x3e7980 [controls
Method System.TypeLoadException:get_Message () emitted at 0x3e79f0 to 0x3e7a70 [
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Environment:get_NewLine () emitted at
0x3e7ae8 to 0x3e7bcc [controls.exe]
Method System.Text.StringBuilder:ToString () emitted at 0x3e7bd0 to 0x3e7c98 [co
Method System.String:InternalSetLength (int) emitted at 0x3e7d38 to 0x3e7dd8 [co
Method (wrapper runtime-invoke) System.Object:runtime_invoke_void (object,intptr
,intptr,intptr) emitted at 0x3e7de0 to 0x3e7ebc [controls.exe]
Method System.Runtime.Remoting.Contexts.Context:Finalize () emitted at 0x3e7ec0
to 0x3e7f14 [controls.exe]
Method System.Object:Finalize () emitted at 0x3e7f18 to 0x3e7f64 [controls.exe]
Method System.Delegate:Finalize () emitted at 0x3dfeb8 to 0x3dff2c [controls.exe
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Delegate:FreeTrampoline () emitted at
0xa97000 to 0xa970d8 [controls.exe]
Method System.Threading.Thread:.cctor () emitted at 0xa99198 to 0xa99200 [contro
Method (wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check) System.Object:.ctor () emitted at 0x
a99278 to 0xa99310 [controls.exe]
Method System.Threading.Thread:Finalize () emitted at 0xa99318 to 0xa993b0 [cont
Method System.IntPtr:op_Explicit (int) emitted at 0xa99450 to 0xa9948c [controls
Method System.IntPtr:.ctor (int) emitted at 0xa99508 to 0xa99538 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Threading.Thread:Thread_free_internal
(intptr) emitted at 0xa99540 to 0xa99620 [controls.exe]
Method (wrapper runtime-invoke) System.Object:runtime_invoke_void (object,intptr
,intptr,intptr) emitted at 0xa99628 to 0xa99704 [controls.exe]
Method wx.EvtHandler:Finalize () emitted at 0xa99708 to 0xa99768 [controls.exe]
Method wx.EvtHandler:RemoveEvtHandler (intptr) emitted at 0xa997e0 to 0xa99868 [
Method System.Collections.Hashtable:Remove (object) emitted at 0xa998e0 to 0xa99
ab8 [controls.exe]
Method wx.Object:RemoveObject (intptr) emitted at 0xa99ac0 to 0xa99b84 [controls
Method System.Collections.Hashtable:KeyEquals (object,object) emitted at 0xa99b8
8 to 0xa99c48 [controls.exe]
Method System.Collections.Hashtable:get_comparer () emitted at 0xa99cc0 to 0xa99
ce8 [controls.exe]
Method System.IntPtr:Equals (object) emitted at 0xa99cf0 to 0xa99de4 [controls.e
Method wx.Object:Finalize () emitted at 0xa99de8 to 0xa99e48 [controls.exe]

Earned a small fee
Earned a small fee
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Post by xenomorph » Fri Oct 29, 2004 7:32 pm

dwmcqueen wrote:I am getting the following error when using the CVS version of wxNet on OSX trying to run an application that has a TabControl:

Unhandled Exception: System.TypeInitializationException: An exception was thrown by the type initializer for wx.Event ---> System.EntryPointNotFoundException: wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TAB_SEL_CHANGED
in <0x000d4> (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TAB_SEL_CHANGED ()
in <0x0107c> wx.Event:.cctor ()
--- End of inner exception stack trace ---

Is this expected or something not quite right? I can get the same assembly to load with wxNet on Windows.
TabControl is only available on Windows...

Xenomorph 8)

Knows some wx things
Knows some wx things
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Post by dwmcqueen » Fri Oct 29, 2004 9:37 pm

That would explain it. Luckily, I just removed that from my application. Is that the main piece missing from the OSX version of

Knows some wx things
Knows some wx things
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I don't think that is it.

Post by dwmcqueen » Sat Oct 30, 2004 3:10 am

I get the same error when I do a "mono minimal.exe" on the minimal sample included with wx.Net.

Unhandled Exception: System.TypeInitializationException: An exception was thrown by the type initializer for wx.Event ---> System.EntryPointNotFoundException: wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TAB_SEL_CHANGED
in <0x000d4> (wrapper managed-to-native) wx.Event:wxEvent_EVT_COMMAND_TAB_SEL_CHANGED ()
in <0x0107c> wx.Event:.cctor ()
--- End of inner exception stack trace --

Knows some wx things
Knows some wx things
Posts: 26
Joined: Thu Oct 28, 2004 11:02 am

Any findings?

Post by dwmcqueen » Wed Nov 03, 2004 4:37 pm

Has this issue been resolved (or at least an answer found)?

Knows some wx things
Knows some wx things
Posts: 26
Joined: Thu Oct 28, 2004 11:02 am

I got it!

Post by dwmcqueen » Sat Nov 06, 2004 3:48 am

The error was in Mono 1.1.1. I went back to 1.0.1 and the error disappears (but other errors appear).

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