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Advise: Use stock GDK cursors (e.g. GDK_TOP_SIDE)

Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 7:56 pm
by Mick P.
I'm porting some Qt software that wants sizing cursors similar to MSW's. wxGTK ( may not agree with this.

Here ( is old X cursors. Do X desktops typically use the likes of GDK_TOP_SIDE to move the top of a window? I don't know. It defines these cursors for every direction. But it seems that it would be ambiguous if it doesn't flip from GDK_TOP_SIDE to GDK_BOTTOM_SIDE depending on if the top is being pulled up above or down below the original position.

I don't know why X doesn't just update their damn icons. They have so many absurd ones. But obviously that's just a historical gripe. Boo on them.

GLUT defines cursors for these (GLUT_CURSOR_TOP_SIDE) so it can conceivably be translated to double-ended arrows on Windows (Apple?) But the reverse is not possible.

EDITED: I neglected to mention that GDK_TOP_SIDE is not (that I know of) part of wxStockCursor. So if I go ahead with this, I don't know how to create the wxCursor. But I expect there is an undocumented API that only works for wxGTK.