wxStaticText color/transparent background

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Big Muscle
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wxStaticText color/transparent background

Post by Big Muscle » Wed Feb 20, 2019 11:32 am

is there any way how to create control which draws the text with background color, supports transparency and works on different platforms (or at least MSW and GTK+2) ?

If I use wxStaticText:
wxGTK - background is transparent, SetBackgroundColour is not respected
wxMSW - SetBackgroundColour is respected but transparency is not supported (grey bk)

SetBackgroundColour is respected but transparency is not supported.
Transparency can be enabled with SetBackgroundStyle(wxBG_STYLE_TRANSPARENT) but it works on MSW only.

I am searching for this:
wxMSW+wxGTK - respect SetBackgroundColour + support transparency (e.g. via wxTransparentColour)

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