File picker name mangling.

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Earned a small fee
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File picker name mangling.

Post by soundhound » Tue Jun 19, 2018 1:24 pm

Hello folks
Rcently compiled from source on a cygwin 2.5.2-1 (last to work on winxp) msw system.
The examples compile fine but when using a file chooser the choice results in an error message saying file doesn't
Exist - it then shows a mangle path, instead of
It gets translated as
C:/install\%2ccygwin℅2c\myfile (approximately)

The picker appears to be the standard msw one.
However in wxHTMLviewer(?) a diiferent picker is used which works fine.

I'm guessing that there's a setup.h option to get this right but I haven't found it!
recognise the problem?

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