Can not initialize xv output

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Can not initialize xv output

Postby Azrael » Tue Aug 08, 2017 2:43 pm

I found this media player on github : ... player.cpp

I copied it in a new project and ran it. I tried to open a file from the menu but I got this error: "Media Playback error. Could not initialize Xv output".
I thought that maybe my problem was the .mp3 file so i opened it in rhythmbox (I use ubuntu). I got the same error so I tried to solve that problem first. I installed some libraries: libxv, gstreamer( with "bad" and "ugly" plugins), ubuntu-restricted-extra. I also reinstalled rhythmbox.
Now i don't get that error and i can play .mp3 files (in rhythmbox).

I still get the "could not initialize xv output" error when i try to open the files from the app i got from github.

I'm also getting these messages:

I am using the code as an example for my own music player. I know it has something to do with Load() because I defined this function

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void addFile( wxFilePickerCtrl* filePicker, wxMediaCtrl* mediaController){

wxString path = filePicker -> GetPath();
mediaController -> Load(path);


and I get the exact same error.

What should I do ?

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