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Using wx to create VST plugins for audio

Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2017 6:09 pm
by engineer
Is it possible to use wx-forms and wx-code to create VST plugins for audio and midi?

I need to integrate my FPGA-Synthesizer either via USB oder S/PDIF into the known audio plattforms. I recognized that e.g. audacity is based on wx, so there could be a way to integrate this the propritary way, but professionals do not use this platform. So I need to offer a way to run it via common VST.

The point is also that I am using a high precision MIDI: ... ission.htm

So I need a midi driver with a form to convert into my midi and transmit it as audio via S/PDIF. The synth recognizes that directly and creates 8 channel audio. I would like to do this with wx, to have one and the same GUI for both: PC offline control and VST view.

Do you see a way to realize this?