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Using wx on RasPI to access USB devices

Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2017 6:01 pm
by engineer
I am looking for an easy way to control my FPGA-based synthesizer -> see

I have some control software in C, partly already wxWidgets from my early moves in 2003 with that platform and can control it via UART.

I have 1920x1080 bit maps like these with control sliders and all knob required to emulate synthesizers like here JP8080:

Now I intend to combine that and provide interfaces to users for a) PC and b) also RASPI.

I intend to move this to a RASPI in order to be able to create a self standing instrument to join mouse functions with the image.

Also I need to join the data from MIDI. For classical MIDI this works to add standard Controlles like AKAI.

But now I need to interpret USB MIDI. So is it possible to interface a USB MIDI with RASPI and add wxWIDGETS based forms?

Anybody has experiences with that?