wxVsscanf portability

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In need of some credit
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wxVsscanf portability

Post by edgemitter » Mon Sep 05, 2005 7:43 pm

Hi all,
I'm writing an application for both Windows and Linux with wx 2.4.2 and the gcc compiler.

I found that using the function wxVsscanf under Linux works fine but under Windows wxVsscanf calls the vstscanf function (so is, wx assumes wxHAVE_TCHAR_SUPPORT), wich is not in the mingw distribution. At this point I'm not interested in disabling Unicode support nor sure how that relates. Probably the easiest solution is to use directly the standard vsscanf function, but I'm not sure about its portability and wx is supossed to take care on that questions.

Any ideas/comments/suggestions?


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Experienced Solver
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Post by koderpat » Tue Sep 06, 2005 6:49 pm

from the sound of it:
http://www.flipcode.com/cgi-bin/fcartic ... show=64176

vsscanf isn't supported under microsofts implementation of the standard libraries.

If your target is just windows/linux. and you can get it working with your own vsscanf for windows--why not.

a few #ifdef #ifndefs and the same code should be able to compile windows or linux, yeah?

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