Dsitributing wxWidgets app in wx2.9.x in deb package ? Topic is solved

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Dsitributing wxWidgets app in wx2.9.x in deb package ?

Post by Muetdhiver » Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:25 pm

Hi all,

just a simple question:

As wxWidgets is not (and will never be ?) integrated into a Canonical repository for wx2.9 series, how would you do to distribute your application which need wxWidgets libraries to work ?

I mean, since there is no ppa, there is no ability for the package (.deb) of my application to have dependencies to wxWidgets library. In this case, the user is able to install my application, but wxWidgets libraries will be missing ?

Under Windows, I guess, it is quite easy to put all libraries joined into the main root directory as my application (c:\myapp\wxbase28u_gcc_custom.dll for example with wx 2.8....) but under Ubuntu (where my application is installed in /usr/bin), how should I do ?

Thanks a lot for your answer.

OS: Ubuntu 11.10
Compiler: g++ 4.6.1 (Eclipse CDT Indigo)
wxWidgets: 2.9.3

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Re: Dsitributing wxWidgets app in wx2.9.x in deb package ?

Post by DavidHart » Mon Dec 19, 2011 8:57 pm


Probably the best answer is for you to create your own wx2.9 debs (32 and 64 bit) for each target distro/version. You should be able to do so without enormous difficulty by copying and amending the official ubuntu method, or following up on this recent wx-dev post.

Alternatively you could create packages of your app statically-linked to wx2.9; again two per distro/version.



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