wxGrid - wrapping cell contents and wxTooltipWindow

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wxGrid - wrapping cell contents and wxTooltipWindow

Post by kshitij_ds » Wed Dec 17, 2008 8:53 pm

I have a wxGrid in my app with just one column and have programmed Mouse Motion event such that a tooltip is displayed with wxTipWindow class.

However I have been facing following issues:

1) Under Windows: The tooltip flickers and does not display contents properly. I guess this is related to painting issue.
Under Linux: This works fine.

I am setting the rect parameter to NULL as I want the tooltip window to disappear whever the user moves the mouse.

2) Additionally I display a popup menu when users Right click on a cell. This menu allows users to delete the particular cell.
Now, even if the DeleteRows() function is successful the cell/row is not actually deleted visually as it waits for the tooltip window to be de-activated. I am not sure what must be wrong here.

3) I have create a custom myGrid class that deerives from wxGrid and have implemented my own Renderer that is derived from wxStringRenderer.
I always want to wrap the text in all cells to fit cell width. Is there any style that takes care of this?
Additionally, I would like to clip text to a certain length based on the number of characters/length of text and the cell size. Any ideas on this one?


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