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WxWidgets and Raspberry

Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2019 5:03 pm
by Szyk Cech
HI folks!
After decade annoyance with VCL I switch to Qt in order to programing in pure C++, and after decade with Qt I want switch to some thing else. I fed up with vendor lock "features" like QML in order to write mobile apps. So I look for some thing else which allow me write portable C++ applications. Now I am interested with WxWidgets. I want to write portable, modular, blast fast apps for following operating systems:

* Linux Amd64
* Linux Raspberry
* Android
* Windows

And I assume it is possible out of the box.

So I have more detailed question about "Linux Raspberry" development:
1. Is this possible to work WxWidget without XWindws? Mean: Can WxWidget directly use linux framebuffer?
2. When can I find detailed instructions how setup cross compilation and remote development WxWidget app for Raspbian?
3. The same kind of instruction will be handly for Android development.

The second question is like "How to do this in the rigth/recommended/WxWidgets way?" - because I can download complers from and use Qt Creator (that's it: I still use it because I am well familar with it) to setup environment.

Re: WxWidgets and Raspberry

Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2019 5:10 pm
by doublemax
I can't answer all those questions, but: If you need Android, wxWidgets does not support that. There was an Android port in pre-alpha stage years ago, but it's dead. There is a wxQT port which is significantly more mature and i think one if its motivations was the ability to create mobile apps, but i don't know if it's really possible to do.

As for cross-compiling for Raspberry, this might be helpful: ... ry-pi.html

Re: WxWidgets and Raspberry

Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2019 6:52 pm
As doublemax sadi, there is no wxAndroid.
It was a GSoC effort to create such a port, there is even an instruction on how to make it and there is an app in the Google Store to demonstrate, but it is very basic.
If you are OK with it - wxQt, might be better in this regards especially since right now some company is trying to bring it up to speed (see wxWidgets GitHub), but I don't know too much about wxQt with Android. Again there was a demo app published to Google store but that about it.

About Raspberry PI - seach this forum. There are some posts about setting it up.

And of course Windows and Linux are fully supported. Windows up from WinXP SP3, Linux up from GTK+2.6. There is also a port of GTK+1 still available if you need OpenVMS support Or some other ancient OS.

Thank you.