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wxSmith is not managing the main project file

Posted: Wed Sep 05, 2018 5:38 pm
by spflanze
I ported a wxWidgets project in Code::Blocks from Windows 7 to Unbuntu so I could use Valgrind. I find that wxSmith is no longer managing my project files. This was made evident by test comments I made within code blocks that wxSmith normally overwrites that did not disappear when changes were made to the wxs file. That it is no longer managing first became apparent I changed a widget's variable name, and this change was not made where it normally would in the project's main .cpp file.

I clicked on the wxSmith menu item and the dialog that appeared told me it was not managing the project and gave me some options to do so. Evidently I did not get the options right because wxSmith is still not managing the project's main .cpp file. I tried various things but nothing worked.

What needs to be done to get wxSmith to manage all the code blocks it is supposed to between "//(*Initialize(TIA_DesignerFrame)" and "//*)" and between "//(*IdInit(TIA_DesignerFrame) " and "//*)" ?