wcstold not defined in MSVS 2012 XP (v_110xp) RELEASE mode

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wcstold not defined in MSVS 2012 XP (v_110xp) RELEASE mode

Post by cutecode » Sat Dec 24, 2016 8:48 am


I have Visual studio 2013 and if I switch compilation to 2012 Windows XP (v_110xp) RELEASE then function wcstold becomes undefined
but in DEBUG mode it compliles without errors

Code: Select all

#include <wchar.h>
long double strtoLD0(LPCTSTR lpsz)
	wchar_t* endptr = NULL;
	return wcstold(lpsz, &endptr);
	//	return wxAtof(lpsz);

// 'Main program' equivalent: the program execution "starts" here
bool MyApp::OnInit()
    // call the base class initialization method, currently it only parses a
    // few common command-line options but it could be do more in the future
    if ( !wxApp::OnInit() )
        return false;
I tried this code on MSVS 2013, Ubunto and MAC OSX and it compiles without erros on RELEASE/DEBUG
Could you help me to scope this problem?
wx 3.1.4 win/mac/linux

Alexander Saprykin

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