ANN: A B C wx DB: Easy way to build wxWidgets libs, samples

Do you have a question about makefiles, a compiler or IDE you are using and need to know how to set it up for wxWidgets or why it doesn't compile but other IDE's do ? Post your questions here.
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Earned some good credits
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ANN: A B C wx DB: Easy way to build wxWidgets libs, samples

Post by dsilvia » Mon Apr 27, 2009 10:35 am


There's something new and different stirring at The new entry is in the 'Misc' category. It's a video demo of wxWidgets and DialogBlocks working in tandem. It begins with the download of each, then installation. Next, there is a presentation of building an existing DialogBlocks project available on the net. It could equally as well be from a colleague, someone asking for help with a problem, or one you just stumbled upon. Finally, there's an exposition of creating a new project in DialogBlocks from existing code. In this case, it's the 'famous' minimal sample from the wxWidgets distribution, but again, it could have had other origin.

If you're rather weary of 're-'working distributions by hand and/or with 'canned' scripts, etc., you most likely would find this video helpful. It shows how to fill in the compiler configuration property sheet in DialogBlocks for however many compilers/configurations you may have. Once done, it needs little or no revisiting with each release of wxWidgets. It's truly a 'set and forget' paradigm, allowing one to get on with more pressing matters, like meeting application release deadlines!;)

There are several advantages to using DialogBlocks for wxWidgets library builds:

1) Stores all build information. No need for [semi-]manual methods/scripts/etc.

2) DialogBlocks is (usually) more up to date than wiki documents and other guides.

3) Makes having multiple builds under the same wxWidgets distribution tree.

4) Allows easy differentiation of build types beyond just 'Debug' and 'Release'.

And more...

If your primary development platform is Windows and you make use of several versions of Visual Studio to keep in sync with distributed product, DialogBlocks makes this extremely easy as it is 'aware' of the different versions. Plus, once DialogBlocks has the configuration property information, there's no need on Windows to laboriously modify the distributed Visual Studio project files on each new wxWidgets distribution.

For quick building of existing code, say, from wxWidgets samples, DialogBlocks is pretty hard to beat!

Keep in mind, everything addressed here does not require a registered version of DialogBlocks. The 'free forever' evaluation copy of DialogBlocks more than suffices, so, one could consider it the 'Free' version of DialogBlocks! But, once you've used DialogBlocks for a period of time and get to know all of it's design advantages for wxWidgets, you'll probably want a registered copy. And, the good news is, the registration fee is nominal, reasonable, and opens up DialogBlocks' full potential as an IDE/RAD tool.

As stated above, this video is available at in the Misc category. For a short time, while the host website is under construction, it may also be obtained with the following link:

You will also find an iPhone video of the presentation (sans links and other flash 'hotspots'). It's smaller than the web presentation and may come in handy as a 'cheat sheet'!;)


Dave S.

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