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Earned a small fee
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Post by darklordsatan » Wed Aug 03, 2005 6:31 am

Ill reffer to this topic.

Hey Jorg, I thought the "Accepted Answered" by oneself was already fixed (or you havent commited the updates in the test forum?), and besides, why didnt he get any points himself?
And my "Assisting Answer" didnt get me any points either (well, not that I actually care, btw, just pointing what could be a bug here)

Im not usually a post whore anywhere, and wont be a "WxAwards" whore either, but in the end, I see this mod like going to turn into people into fights (not literally) trying to get a better rank. Im currently registered in many forums, and let me tell you its peaceful when you dont have that rating system behind you. But in the forums where you have, theres always people getting pissed off and stuff.
Jorg wrote:A shame you didn't accepted 'me' now nobody gets points :-(
See what I mean? You take a lot of your time trying to help this guy, and you didnt get your well deserved points. If this wxawards mod wasnt around, the
tjwilliams wrote: That did it! Thanks.
Would have been enough, and you would have say to yourself "Good, I helped someone out, I feel better now".
But now you're like "Damn, wheres my cash dude?"

I think this generates some "tense" environment among people.

What if for example there are 2 valuable contributions to a post? (leave aside the "Assisted Answer"). Both posters spent some time making nice replies, with well structured pieces of code. Then one of them gets the points and the other would probably think it twice before posting again, because of being afraid of "wasting time" again and getting no points.

Probably, the best solution, if one would want to keep a rating system, is to make it anonymous. That way people could get rated (but not twice by the same person) up at anytime, no strings attached (or should I say "No Threads attached"?), for being a valuable part of this community.

This, is just IMHO. Obviously Im a n00b here and in all wx-related, and for example upCase and Jorg are Gurus, but I thought I might share a piece of my mind, hope you guys dont get mad.


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Post by Jorg » Wed Aug 03, 2005 6:51 am

You are thinking too much of this. I was not really dissapointed that he didn't grant me the points, I will always help people out even if I don't get any points, the fact is that we are busy with this mod and it seems there are some problems with it.

In fact, I am thinking of switching it around, and only let moderators judge the accepted answers. This way no problems can arise anymore, nobody can get "upset" that the original poster did not granbt him points or not.

It would void a couple of things UpCase created to allow people to remind them that they should close the post, but I have the feeling not everybody does this, or does this to the wrong topic.

- Jorgen
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Can't get richer than this
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Post by leio » Wed Aug 03, 2005 10:04 am

Any idea when can we expect unread posts with new icons be different from read posts? :)
I'm reading the forum only through the "View posts since last visit" link (actually I have the page bookmarked and once one post is read, I hit the bookmark), and keeping track of how far I was with the reading from bottom to top is quite hard if the icons aren't different.
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Post by upCASE » Wed Aug 03, 2005 10:48 am

I'm sorry if the new mod creates a "tense" environment. I don't think it does, but that's only my opinion. Personally I don't mind if somebody awards points to somebody else instead of awarwding them to me for my answer. As Jorg said, I'll still hang out here trying to answer questions, juts because I think that it's not the wxAwards that matter, but helping somebody who has a question and maybe is not that experiecenced in a field where I know the answer.

The sense of this mod in the first place was to have a mechanism that allows threads to marked as solved. We have many questions here, some solved, some unsolved and searching the board one can have a hard time to fnd an answer. Marking the threads should have made that easier. In the first basic form, there was no "assisted answer".

I do confess that this beast is getting somewhat over my head, time and knowledge. The first attempt was easy, then we (I) bloated it with new features (just because I still think that something like experts-exchange.com is a nice way to do that), like the "assisted answer" and linking the ranks to the awarded points (which weren't there when we started) to give them more "meaning".

Implementing the basic stuff wasn't that hard, but I'm now at a point where things don't work as I expect they would. This whole issue with the read/unread topics should have been solved some time ago. Apperantly it isn't...
Sometimes I juts observe and question myself: "Am I so stupid, or is it just phpBB that doesn't react right?" To be honest: I don't know...

I wish I had more time for this. Maybe I can do some more work on it this week. Currently I'm starting to think if it would be better to go back to the old idea: A simple "Answered question mod" doing nothing else but marling the thread. Then again I think that to much work (not only by me) has gone into this.
Fortunatly I got help with that now. Forgive us if there are still bugs and that it will take time until it's "perfect". The tracker lists gets bigger and bigger....

Anyway, please post bugs som we can fix them (or at least try to). Maybe we should make a poll with features that people would like to see?
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