ECMerge 1.2 Bugfix Released!

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wxWorld Domination!
wxWorld Domination!
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ECMerge 1.2 Bugfix Released!

Post by benedicte » Fri Sep 08, 2006 9:49 am

ECMerge is a visual diff/merge software for 2 or 3 files and folders.

Fixed bugs
  • * Fixed bug in binary file report using monochrome rendering
    * Fixed bug generating simple binary reports from command line
    * Fixed bug preventing report generation when using relative paths from command line
    * Fixed crash in XML Filter on some mal-formed XML
    * Fixed problem stopping idle comparisons
    * Fixed crash when using backward find on fully empty differentiation
    * Text editor would always ask for new file name when saving a file opened from MRU combo
New features
  • * dynamic UI languages listing. You can now translate ECMerge in your native language and get free licences or rebates (contact us to get the material).
    * Reduced the size of generated HTML reports (up to 30% in common cases, theoretically up to 70%)
    * Added statistics details in the XML/HTML reports for Folder and Text Comparisons
    * Improved memory footprint of the statistical engine as well as its speed
Key features
  • * Compare and merge text, source code files, web pages.
    * Compare text documents in proprietary formats (PDF, Microsoft Office, ...) and ZIP/RAR archives by configuring third-party tools to preprocess the input items.
    * Compare and synchronize folders.
    * Side-by-side or 3-way comparison (using a common ancestor).
    * The text editor supports around 100 different encodings.
    * Reports generation (Patch, XML, HTML) for both files and folders.
    * Comparisons statistics
    * Intuitive interface, many customizable options.
    * Syntax colouring for numerous languages (C/C++, Java, HTML/XML, ASP/PHP, SQL, Python, Makefile, ...).
    * Integrated with most famous SCM.
    * Integrated with Windows file explorer.
    * Save current merge task and finish it later (restores all conflict resolutions, even if modified by hand)
    * Prepare recurrent comparisons (sources, comparison options, reports options) and open them in one click, or generate reports from the command line.
    * Available as 2 versions (Standard and Professional).
    * Runs on Windows and Linux (x86).
    * Multi-threaded application for a better resource usage on new Dual Core and multi-processors computers
    * Localized to English, French and Spanish. (more languages to come).
    * Fully functional trial version (30 days).
Special Offer
wxWidgets users are elligible for a 30% rebate on ECMerge Standard and Professional versions. You just need to create an account on Elli

wxWorld Domination!
wxWorld Domination!
Posts: 1409
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Location: Paris, France

Post by benedicte » Wed Sep 13, 2006 10:24 am

We are recruiting Beta testers to give feedback about the key feature of ECMerge 2.0 (FTP sites synchronization) and help us in finding potential bugs.

ECMerge 2.0 will run on :
* Windows 98/Me, Windows NT, 2000/2003 and XP
* Linux (x86) with GTK+2
* Solaris 10 x86

We may also port the application on Linux/PowerPC, MacOS and/or Solaris 10 SPARC.

Active Beta testers will get free licences or significant rebates on ECMerge 2.0.
If you would like to apply to be a Beta tester of Elli

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