RarVision v1.0 released!

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RarVision v1.0 released!

Post by Jorg » Sun Jan 29, 2006 9:29 pm

This tool is written with wxWidgets, so I would like to add one more to the list of (hopefully) useful tools ;-)

RarVision is a simple x-platform tool that takes care of backing up your sources periodically with adjustable intervals.

RarVision utilizes rar (http://www.rarlab.com/) with the use of it's internal version control. This means that when a backup is made, older versions inside the archive are not overwritten. This has the great advantage that you can always go back to an older version.

Backup sources
Ok but what about normal CVS / SVN or other version control systems? Well big companies have those, but also have their policy regarding their usage. This tool allows you to backup whenever you feel a new snapshot is needed and can even do it unattended so you don't have to backup.

Backup email
Not only sources can be backed up. What about your email store? If there is a lot of important company stuff in there, you want to periodically backup the files.

Share files
When you want to periodically release files to a network share so that other collegues can use them or stay informed, simply backup to a network share. The periodic (or manual) backup keeps them informed.

Backup databases
When you backup your database (via SQL scripts you generate) you want to keep older versions of the database as well. When properly configured, RarVision will backup the SQL file (with versioning) and you can simply overwrite the present SQL file everytime you make a backup, instead of numbering the SQL files by date or in sequence. The compression will keep the database SQL files small inside the archive, and all older versions are present.

This is how RarVision looks on Windows:

This is how it looks under Linux:

Read more here. You can download it from the Downloads section.
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