Dialog Blocks - Getting better by the week

Do you like to promote your wxWidgets based application or component!? Post it here and let's see what the critics have to say. Also, if you found that ONE wx component the world needs to know about, put it here for future reference.
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Dialog Blocks - Getting better by the week

Post by NinjaNL » Sat Nov 20, 2004 12:55 pm

Just to let the members here know that they should have a look at the new version of DialogBlocks http://www.anthemion.co.uk/dialogblocks/

The latest version has several new tricks the big one being:

* Added support for building and running applications from within DialogBlocks. Supports MinGW, BC++, GCC, VC++ 6, and VC++ 7. Static linking only is supported.

The major change is the ability to compile apps in DB. Please see
the section "How to compile and run your project" in the online help
for details. This feature could be said to be in beta, and there's
plenty that can be improved (for example using 'installed' wxWidgets
distros, supporting shared libraries, ...), but I hope that it can make
life a bit easier especially for people starting with wxWidgets.
It's a confidence-builder if you can compile wxWidgets and your
initial app without having to worry about writing makefiles yourself,

This is lookong really good. Definately worth looking into.
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