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ASI - open source computer vision and visualization framewor

Posted: Tue Nov 08, 2005 12:55 pm
by gsus
AllSeeingI (ASI) is the codename for a computer vision and visualisation framework. It is a visual programming environment for rapid development and easy reusablitity.

It is a cross plattform c++ open source project.

Currently its in version 0.1.1. The aim of this release is to give the basic functionalty and define the interface to keep it common for all future releases. Developers be warned, that untill the next releases the api may change. I will be try to keep the changes as small as necessary to garant backward compability.

The framework uses openCV as a test computer vision library. One aim of ASI is to offer the possibility to include the best features of many image processing an visualisation libraries. For now the basic image connector is openCV's IplImage. Defining new connetor types is quite easy due to ASI's templates. Please use IplImage it as the main input/output format.

For now only windows is supported (i dont have time for a linux build