Mathplot update

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Earned a small fee
Earned a small fee
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Mathplot update

Post by lr83 » Thu Feb 04, 2021 2:34 pm


I have updated the mathplot component for wxWidgets 3.1.4.
I have made some improvements like :
- corrected some bugs (and probably add others :lol: )
- rewrote some methods
- added a config window (that you can have access with the right click)
- lot of things ...
I keep the philosophy and the structure so it was easy to update existing project (I hope !).

Enjoy :D
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Filthy Rich wx Solver
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Re: Mathplot update

Post by ollydbg23 » Wed Feb 24, 2021 2:29 pm

Good work! I used this control in my work a lot.

Here are some suggestions:

1, I see you have MathPlotConfig.h/cpp, would you mind to also upload the wxSmith file? Because Those files are automatically generated from the wxSmith designer.

2, There are many wxMathPlot project hosted in github,

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I'm not sure which git source did you fork and modified from, so people can compare and see your modifications.


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