Multi-cipher support at runtime for wxSQLite3

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Multi-cipher support at runtime for wxSQLite3

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Up to wxSQLite3 version 3.5.9 it had to be decided at compile time, which encryption cipher should be used in the SQLite3 encryption extension. One could choose among the following 2 cipher schemes:
  • AES 128 Bit CBC (Default)
  • AES 256 Bit CBC
These encryption schemes were added to wxSQLite3 over 8 years ago. Since then security requirements have increased, and therefore it is intended to use a new encryption scheme, namely ChaCha20 with Poly1305 HMAC, for future versions of wxSQLite3.

Adding another encryption scheme can impose compatibility problems for existing applications. To overcome such issues in a flexible manner it is planned to support the selection of the encryption scheme at runtime. A first implementation of the multi-cipher support is now available in branch multi-cipher of the wxSQLite3 GitHub repository. The following ciphers are currently supported:
  • AES 126 Bit CBC - No HMAC (wxSQLite3 - Default cipher until wxSQLite3 version 3.5.9)
  • AES 256 Bit CBC - No HMAC (wxSQLite3)
  • ChaCha20 - Poly1305 HMAC (sqleet - intended default cipher for wxSQLite3 version 4 and above)
  • AES 256 Bit CBC - SHA1 HMAC (SQLCipher - database versions 1, 2, and 3 supported)
Preliminary documentation can be found here.

Please give it a try.

Feedback, bug reports, and feature requests are welcome.
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