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I see wxGlade .4 is out

Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2005 3:04 pm
by daddydave
I wandered over to the wxGlade page and I noticed that wxGlade .4 is out and promptly installed it-- the most significant new feature is that you can finally specify event handlers from the GUI, Also it no longer uses the obsolete wxNotebookSizer. Those aren't the only new features, but the ones that popped out at me.

Note wxGlade does not require Python to be installed for it to run, or else Python is tucked away in a dll or runtime somewhere. And generates C++ code, Python, Perl, and XRC.

Once you get past a few annoyances like having to show a form prior to being able to access properties from the tree, wxGlade has an amazingly clean design, separating properties out into Common, Layout, and Widget[-specific]. Also it has the unique feature of being able to change one type of sizer into another type on the fly (no support for wxGridBagSizer yet.)

It is at

Existing annoyances remain intact:
- gimpy disembodied floating windows.
- if you close the properties window by mistake, click on the control pallette window and press Ctrl-P
- if the properties window is stuck on Application properties, right click on the frame or dialog in the tree window and choose show

Probably every form designer developer should give it a whirl, might get an idea or two.

I am not affiliated with the developers, nor have I corresponded with them

Everyone working on a Form Designer should take a look.