ANN: New release for my project lbDMF (1.2.0) is out!

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Earned some good credits
Earned some good credits
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ANN: New release for my project lbDMF (1.2.0) is out!

Post by lollisoft » Fri Dec 04, 2015 10:47 pm


last month, I have released a new version of my software. Release 1.2.0 has some new features and bugfixes.

The software is about model driven software development in the field of database applications. UML models (ArgoUML) can be read into
the application and directly interpreted. Also a step further is a code generator you can use to produce code for any language and platform.

The application is written using the wxWidgets Library :D.

* New feature that allows multiple relationships between classes (eg. users that are owning vs be responsible to something).
* Repeatable UML (XMI) import without errors (even if the UML model has been modified - eg. new or removed classes)
* New property dialog that will be used in future to enable activity diagrams to use data input dialogs or the like.

Sample UML model:


Please try out the new release for the following features:

Can install the application,
Can run the application,
Can update the application model itself,
Can generate code and for DevExpress (if you have a Windows OS), if not, try generating the Turbo Vision application.
Can build the generated code (DevExpress), or have a look if the Turbo Vision code appears within a Code folder.
Can generate the lbDMF-wxWidgtes-Dialog-Blocks-Generator code, build it and run it.

Can cmpile the code (the windows code installer is capable to post compile it's installed code, if you will).

Note: This release does not contain changes to code generators that are packaged separately and thus they should be obtained from earlier versions.

I would thank you all for your feedback.


Since a while I collect some statistics about my users of this software (by accessing update information from my web page).

Please let the software do this or remove the lbwxUpdateChecker plugin.

I have got some feedback that the opt out schould be an opt in to activate the update check. I want your opinion.

Have you noticed my new website?

Have a look at it ( and tell me your opinions.

Also I do publish articles from time to time at codeproject.

Here you will find my articles: ... id=6479465

Official project page:
Sourceforge project:
Release pressrelease: ... s-out.html
wxWidgets codegenerator (Windows): ... e/download

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