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ANN: New release for my project lbDMF including wxWidgets code generator!

Posted: Sat Apr 25, 2015 10:56 am
by lollisoft

I am proud to present my new release (1.1.0) of DMF: Distributed Multiplatform Framework. The current release contains my first wxWidgets related template to generate code out of UML that I package separately.

The following image shows a well known tool that this template supports: Dialog Blocks.


Please note: The generated code utilizes my framework and contains Dialog Blocks Designer files the template generates.

Also note: This is a prerelease known to generate compilable code. I am in process to work out code that will also be known to run.

The code generator is available at (Windows setup): lbDMF wxWidgets Dialog Blocks Codegenerator Compilation
The code generator is available at (tgz): Template files only

The main product is required to generate code: DMF: Distributed Multiplatform Framework

Here you will find a PDF documentation on how to model and generate code: Applicationprodotyping documentation

Happy UML modeling!