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[ANN] CodeLite 6.0 / wxCrafter 1.5 have been released!

Posted: Tue Jun 03, 2014 4:32 pm
by eranif

I am very happy to announce that CodeLite IDE 6.0 (a multi purpose C++ IDE) and wxCrafter (a wxWidgets RAD Tool) 1.5 have been released and ready for download.

One of the major updates to CodeLite 6.0 is the support of lldb (the next generation debugger) for OSX, Linux and remote debugging on Windows
Debugging wxWidgets with CodeLite was never easier (the new lldb plugin contains built-in types for wxWidgets classes)

​A brief summary of whats new in CodeLite 6.0:

​wxCrafter contains mainly bug fixes + small improvements:

CodeLite download page:

wxCrafter page: