LinuxWorld Experience (wxWidgets Book)

Do you like to promote your wxWidgets based application or component!? Post it here and let's see what the critics have to say. Also, if you found that ONE wx component the world needs to know about, put it here for future reference.
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LinuxWorld Experience (wxWidgets Book)

Post by KevinHock » Sun Aug 14, 2005 12:37 am

I'm back from San Francisco and LinuxWorld, and I wanted to let everyone know that the talks about the wxWidgets book were a success! I enjoyed meeting the Pearson / Prentice-Hall employees who were affiliated with the book, including the editor and publicist. I also had a great time speaking with the conference attendees. Some of them even walked away with autographed copies of the book, a rare boast for those who have one. :) Thanks to everyone for their support of the wxWidgets book and the LinuxWorld Expo wxWidgets presentation.

I have uploaded the slides that I used at the Expo to my web site, and I expect that they will also be posted on the wxWidgets site in the near future:

Please, no snide comments about using PowerPoint slides at LinuxWorld. ;) I was at the mercy of the laptop provided by Prentice-Hall.

In a very cool twist of fate, just across the aisle from the Prentice-Hall area was the Kirix Strata booth. Strata is featured in Appendix F (the "Application Showcase") and I had a chance to talk with them about wxWidgets, and they had only good things to say about it. This was the cherry on the cake of my experience at LinuxWorld, seeing an exhibitor on the floor demoing an application made with wxWidgets! I expect that we will be seeing some cool contributions coming back from the folks at Kirix as they grow their really nifty Strata application.

As always, I think I speak for both Julian and myself in saying that we continue to look forward to receiving feedback about the book now that it is becoming more and more available! If you haven't purchased the book yet because of shipping delays at Amazon, the shipping time is down to 24 hours at If you order from Amazon or Amazon UK, don't forget about our special affiliate links: . Thanks!

Warmest regards,

Kevin Hock
wxWidgets Book co-author

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