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help testing new wx-devcpp beta

Posted: Mon Oct 11, 2004 8:27 am
by gururamnath
Hi All,
I need some help in verifying the pre-beta 6.3. Before releasing it to the public, I just want to make sure there is no showstopper bug in the new features and bug fixes.

Following are the fixes/new features :
1) Full support for Color and Font properties.
2)Full support for Bitmap(XPM) supports for TStaticBitmap and Icons in dialog.
3)Added couple of developer productivity enhancers
4)Support for running dev-cpp in single instance mode(very usefull when combined with VC++ (with wx-devcpp used just as form designer)).
5)Changing a widget name will automatically update it ID.
6)Fixed an issue in the View widgets ID option.
7)Added stretch factor property for all the widgets.
8) Styles for all widgets are generated properly.
9)Fixed a bug where Source and Designer are not synced when changing certain properties like bitmap, listcolumns etc.
10)Fixed a bug where StaticLine when placed in the sizers is placed in the wrong location.

If you are interested , Please send an email to gururamnath at yahoo dot c o m ., I'll send the link for the download.

EDIT: Guru, I moved this to the Announcements section, since it is more an announce then a question about IDE's I hope you don't mind (- Jorgen)

Guru Kathiresan