ANN: wxForms for Delphi - Designer and wx Wrapper for Delphi

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ANN: wxForms for Delphi - Designer and wx Wrapper for Delphi

Post by gururamnath » Wed Apr 01, 2009 7:05 pm

We are pleased to announce the release of our new wxWidgets Form Designer for Delphi - wxForms for Delphi ( ).

wxForms for Delphi is an integrated form designer plugin for Borland /CodeGear Delphi that helps to create cross platform applications for Windows, Mac OSX using single source base. The wxForms code from Delphi can be compiled in Mac OSX without much change using FreePascal.

wxForms for Delphi allows you to use all the Delphi's powerful Form Designer/ Editor features (Form Alignment, Object inspector, Component Palette etc ) to quickly create Cross platform applications. wxWidget's Components can be easily customized by modifying their properties in the object inspector.

Unlike other wxWidgets Form designers, wxForms for Delphi allows you to do form designing, code editing and debugging in one single place.

Following are the features of wxForms for Delphi:

* Pascal Wrapper for wxWidgets
* Create Cross Platform GUI that can be compiled in Freepascal / Lazarus in MacOSX.
* Reuse your favourite non visible VCL directly with wxForms.
* Create wxWidgets Dialogs and Frames using Delphi Form Designer.
* Facilitate the use of all Delphi's features to create Cross platform application(ANSI and UNICODE).
* Ability to create cross platform Lazarus project file with a single click
* Over 60 ready to use wxWidgets components.
* Ready to use wxWidgets Dialog and Frame project Templates.
* Integrated cross platform bitmap creator.
* Image-List editor to easily manage images for various components like ListView, Tab Control, toolbar and Menus.
* Integrated wxWidgets Menu, Toolbar, ListView, Statusbar Editors.
* Integrated wxWidgets Open/Save Dialog File Filter Editor.
* Support for ANSI and Unicode wxWidgets Libraries.

For more Information, Please visit .

Screenshot and Screencast can be found at : ... enshot.php ... ncasts.php

For support questions, please send us a mail to [email protected]
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